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(Don’t bet your life on it.)   I Just received an email, along with dozens of other attached addresses, which wasn’t a question at all, but rather a teaching that there would be multiple Christian raptures (total of 3) and people who missed one should just wait for another. (paraphrased)  They were not the first to write to me with this interpretation and philosophy, so it seems to be the newest teaching that is going around.  However, there’s something very wrong with this advice, so I wrote a response to the whole group, and posted it here.  (printable on PDF) To All Who Yearn for the Truth: (yes, I hit ‘reply all’ on purpose)           12-21-2019    First of all, ‘pre-tribulation’ is indeed correct, but people who believe in multiple Christian raptures have an incorrect interpretation of Revelation.  Rev 4 is not an end time rapture; it is just the start of John’s visions, which is proven by the fact that Rev 5 represents the crucifixion (slain Lamb).  Simply put, the rapture would not be before the crucifixion, so Rev 4 is not the rapture.  On the contrary, the signs in the sun, moon, and stars, in the 6th Seal (Rev 6:12-13) perfectly match the rapture from Matt 24:29-31, so the 6th Seal is the rapture.  This is further supported by the fact that people are hiding in the mountains, during the 6th Seal (Rev 6:15-17), who see the Lamb in all His glory and are terrified.  Those are the ones from Judea who rightly flee to the mountains when they see the abomination, just as Jesus instructed them to do. (Matt 24:15)  Note: The abomination is also when the 6th Seal rapture happens.  This is proven by the fact that there are two groups, in Matt 24:15-31, just as there are two groups in Rev 7.  The two groups are the 144,000 Israelites, who stay on earth, and the multitude of Christians, who go immediately to heaven - written in the same order in both accounts.  Simply put, Matt 24 must match Rev 7, so there are definitely two groups in Matt 24.  The 6th Seal is the Christian rapture because the multitude from every nation is in heaven in Rev 7.  Pre-tribulation is proven because the 7th Seal is in Rev 8, after the multitude is in heaven but before the Trumpet plagues can start (trumpets can’t sound during a silence).  Thus, there is definitely a ‘post-rapture’ tribulation, but it consists of the Trumpet and Bowl plagues, not the Seals, since Seals 1-5 are in the past    Briefly, Seals 1-5 represent the last 2000-years, starting with the resurrection of Jesus, represented on the white horse, which must match Jesus on the white horse in Rev 19.  Plus, it follows logically from the crucifixion in Rev 5.  Seal 2 was the Jewish revolts, which lasted exactly 70-years (66AD – 136AD), which got them banished from Judea, which was necessary if God planned to miraculously bring them back (Jer 16:14), as He did.  Seal 3 was a long period of prosperity and God’s protection over the Jews, while in exile, which was necessary because their initial foothold back into the Promised Land was literally purchased out of their wealth.  Seal 4 was the Holocaust when ¼ of adult Jews, worldwide, were killed, which not only sped their migration to the Promised Land but gave them a vote of sympathy in the newly formed UN.  Note: There were also exactly 70-years between the Jew’s first purchase (1878) and Israel’s declaration of independence (1948), giving this interpretation added verification.  Seal 5 is just a waiting period, before the rapture, which is where we are, now, in Revelation.  Note: The martyrs in Seal 5 correspond to the ‘spreading of the gospel to the whole world’ (Matt 24:14), which is before the abomination (and rapture) in Matt 24:15, just as Seal 5 is before the rapture in Seal 6.  Matt 24 corresponds perfectly to Seals 1-6 and everything makes perfect sense.     As I said before, Seal 6 is the Christian rapture … the only Christian rapture.  Note: Seals 1-6 are referred to in Rev 7:14 as the “great tribulation” (past tense), where the multitude came  from, which makes perfect sense because people could only be saved by the blood of the Lamb from the resurrection to the rapture (Seals 1-6).  In other words, the ‘great tribulation’ (Seals from the past) is not the same as the ‘post-rapture’ tribulation (Trumpets and Bowls).  Since the Trumpets in Rev 8 literally can’t start until after the 7th Seal (and hence the 6th), the rapture is proven to be ‘pre-tribulation’.     Those who are martyred in Rev 14 and accepted into heaven as ‘priests’ (Rev 20:4-6), during the 1000-year reign of Jesus, are obviously the same 144,000 Jews who are sealed, in Rev 7, but remain on earth during the Trumpet plagues.  Yet, they are martyred before the Bowl plagues, when things get even worse, so their “days are shortened,” as Jesus prophesied in Matt 24:22.  My point is: There is no evidence of an additional Christian rapture, after the 6th Seal, when the multitude from every nation arrive in heaven.  The only additional souls taken in Rev 20 are the 144,000 Jews, whom God sealed in Rev 7, who become priests.  Why would a gentile who missed the rapture and squeaked in on a 2nd chance become a priest?  They wouldn’t.  It’s wrong to give people false hope, and thus give them a reason to procrastinate.  People should be saved now, before it’s too late.  It would be prudent to tell people the truth.  Thank you, -author of available on PDF - -