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Arch of Baal (Satan’s sneaky project) Introduction   To make a long story short, Palmyra’s Arch of Triumph was built by the Romans in the 3rd century and it served as an entrance to the Temple of Bel, which was dedicated as early as 32 AD.  Bel was one of the many names for the ancient Babylonian god, Marduk, who was created by the mythical tale, Enuma Elish, discovered on 7 clay tablets.  Murduk was portrayed as the victor of a heavenly battle and thus became the god of gods.  The name ‘Bel’ simply meant ‘lord’ so it was adapted to many gods, with the Canaanite spelling, Baal, used in the Bible.  Marduk was also the first god that humans concocted through a story, rather than being a physical object such as the sun, moon, earth, etc, which is why I think Babylon is referred to in Revelation as the ‘mother of prostitutes and abominations of the earth’. (Rev 17:5)    Anyway, Palmyra’s Temple of Bel was converted to a Christian church by the Romans and later became an Islamic mosque, used by the Muslims, but it was destroyed by ISIS in 2015.  The Arch of Triumph, at the entrance, was the last to be destroyed in Oct 2015.  Yet, by being destroyed, it has become even more well known and is making a comeback in the end times, which was expected because I’ve always thought that Marduk was the “foreign god” in the post-rapture verses of Daniel 11:37-39. (more about that in the conclusion) Re-creation and connection to God’s riddle of 666   The Institute for Digital Archaeology, based in the UK, along with partners such as Dubai Future Foundation and UNESCO, recreated the Arch of Baal using 3-D technology and a robotic drilling machine to carve a 2/3 scale model out of Egyptian marble.  The original happened to be 27 feet tall so a perfect .666 scale model turned out to be 18 feet (or 6+6+6).  Of course, those same two numbers are used to ‘calculate the number of the beast’ in Revelation 13:18 (i.e. 666/18=37), which leads to God’s timeline of 37’s. (proof of the riddle) Recent history is very suspicious   The construction dimensions are only part of the story because the arch was created to make a world tour and the timing and locations have turned out to be very interesting.  The Arch of Triumph made its debut in London’s Trafalgar Square, on April 19-21, 2016, which coincided with the start of Beltane, an important pagan holiday on the Satanic calendar.  Next, it appeared in New York at City Hall Park, on Sept 18-24, 2016, which coincided with the UN General Assembly (plus the fall equinox, which is also considered a Satanic holiday).  Finally, it was set up in Dubai, UAE, on Feb 12-14, 2017, which happened to coincide with the World Governments Summit   The latest stop is Florence, Italy, from March 27 - April 27, 2017, coinciding with the first ever G7 Cultural Summit (formally the G8 but Russia was dropped).  The culture ministers from US, Germany, Japan, France, UK, Italy, and Canada were in attendance.    Therefore, the recreated Arch of Baal has so far been set up during a major Satanic holiday and three world summits.  I don’t know if Satan has accomplished anything with this clever sleight-of-hand but it seems as though he’s trying.  Strictly speculation   The BIG question is: Could it possibly make a stop in Israel, to show solidarity with the Arabs?  Personally, I think it’s a long shot but the arch is being promoted as a victory over ISIS’s destruction, which everyone can rally behind.  Plus, a major sponsor is the UAE, and Israel has been getting closer to the Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, for help with the Palestinians and as a defensive barrier against Iran.  I’m not saying it will happen but if the Arch of Baal was presented in Jerusalem, it would definitely be a candidate for the abomination that causes desolation.    In my opinion, ‘if’ that was to happen, the Mount of Olives would be the most likely place because olive branches represent peace and there’s plenty of room.  Plus, since the Mount of Olives is just east of the Temple Mount, it would still be considered ‘a wing of the temple’. (Daniel 9:27)  As I said, the arch is being promoted as a gesture of solidarity and Paul said, “While people are saying ‘peace and safety’, destruction will come on them suddenly.” (1 Thess 5:3)  The ‘destruction’ and desolation would be provided by God in the form of an earthquake and tsunami, which would be the 6th Seal. (Rev 6:13-14)  The abomination is also when the rapture will take place, which will bring unprecedented distress on Israel and the whole world. (Matt 24:15-31)  Conclusion   Like I said, I don’t know if the Arch of Baal will be set up in Israel, most less Jerusalem, but I thought I would point out this possibility for the abomination because the arch has a connection to Babylon, mentioned in Revelation.  Whether it happens or not, I still think Marduk will be the “god of fortresses”, worshiped in Daniel 11:37-38 (post-rapture), due to it being depicted on the ancient walls of Babylon.  Note: That doesn’t mean that Marduk is the beast but rather the god that the beast is worshiping.  The beast will be a group of nations that is led militarily by the antichrist, who is a human and declares himself above God in Daniel 11:36.  Thus, after denouncing Allah, the antichrist will adopt Marduk as his god, who becomes the “foreign god”, backed by Satan, who helps the beast expand in Daniel 11:39.  After all, Marduk was the patron god of Babylon when they defeated Judea and burned the first Temple, so there’s a Biblical history behind Marduk.  (see more on below pages) 
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