Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.  Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. © Copyright 2010 - 2015   All rights reserved. The Abomination that causes Desolation Daniel 11:31  His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation.      This is the same ‘abomination’ that Jesus referred to in Matthew 24, preceding His appearance in the clouds to gather His elect.  Thus, it’s probably the most important verse in Daniel 11 but it’s not a sign to watch for.  That’s because the rapture happens almost immediately after the abomination (within half an hour), as explained in the 7th Seal. (see “Matthew 24” page).      The ‘rapture’ will come as a surprise because the ‘desecration’ and ‘abomination’ will come as a surprise, as most terrorist’s attacks do.  “None of the wicked will understand but those who are wise will understand.” (Daniel 12:10)  Since God has ‘unsealed’ Daniel 11, Christians can watch the events unfold and know that the time is near, just like the Parable of the Ten Virgins.  Of course, I think the ‘virgins’ are ‘new believers’ that see these signs, during end times, and believe for a while but unfortunately; about half are not sincere and get shut out anyway. (Matthew 25: 1-13 Again, I don’t think it’s talking about all Christians but it goes to show that just knowing about God is not the same as having a personal relationship.  In other words, while watching the signs, from Daniel 11, don’t forget to learn about Jesus, who made all this possible.       Part 1:    Accompanying the ‘abomination’ will be an ‘armed uprising’ that “desecrates the temple fortress” and “abolishes the daily sacrifice” “Peace Talks” to the “Abomination” (Final events before the Rapture) (*continued from: “current events”.)
Wahabi-Zionist onslaught on humanity Press TV [Iranian] – January 30, 2014 Quote: The powerful military wings of Wahabism i.e. al-Qaeda and Talban were created and funded to bring about bigger political changes in the Muslim World.  Saudi grown wild animals have been butchering Shia Muslims, killing innocent children and women in the name of Islam. Wahabism patronizes Zionism. They are sister ideologies. One has control over petroleum and the other has control over banking. One has control over the place holiest for Muslims and the other has  control over the place equally holy for Muslims, Christians and Jews. One is loaded with throat cutting and flesh eating cannibal Jihadists, the other is loaded with thermal, chemical and atomic bombs.       Israel’s ‘passive role’ in End Times begins      Israel has a ‘passive role’ because they are the ‘holy covenant’, in verses 28 and 30, which is Israel’s possession of Jerusalem and Palestine, which Iran hates (perhaps because it fulfills God’s covenant to Abraham and David in the OT) but Israel already has the land.  Therefore, there’s nothing else for them to do except be themselves (at least before the rapture), because the necessary anger (below) is coming naturally through their disputes with the Palestinians.  Plus, a 3rd Temple is not necessary for Jesus’ return.  Daniel 11:28 The king of the North will return to his own country with great wealth, but his heart will be set against the holy covenant.  He will take action against it and then return to his own country.   Daniel 11:27   The two kings, with their hearts bent on evil, will sit at the same table  and lie to each other, but to no avail, because an end will still come at the appointed time.  Introduction:    Notice that this verse refers to “an end”, but not “the end”.  That’s because it’s referring to the ‘rapture’ (or ‘gathering in the sky’ from Matthew 24:29-31), which happens at the ‘abomination that causes desolation’ (below in Daniel 11:31).  The two events are connected because that’s what Jesus said, in Matthew 24 (if the narrative is understood with Revelation). The rapture is sort of an end for some, but it’s not the ‘end’ because many other things must happen, not only in Daniel 11, but also in Revelation, after the ‘abomination’ and rapture. Quick summary: ‘the Rapture’    Note: The “rapture” is identified, in Revelation 6, because the exact same signs happen during the 6th Seal, as happen during the “gathering” in Matthew 24:29-31.  The rapture is confirmed, in Revelation 7, because the ‘multitude from every nation’ arrives in heaven.     In other words, ‘pre-tribulation’ is proven naturally because the 1st 5 Seals are done, the 6th is the rapture, and the Trumpet plagues can’t start until all the Seals are done, including the 6th. (Revelation 8:1-6)  The so-called ‘tribulation’, on earth, is described in the remaining verses of Daniel 11 (32+) and the remaining chapters of Revelation (8+).  Simple.   Note: The “great tribulation” (mentioned in Rev. 7), is past tense and refers to the Seals, in Revelation 6, which happened during the last 2000 years, after Jesus was resurrected in Seal 1.  (See ‘sitemap’ for a complete listing of pages, by category.)  
    The above verse is characteristic of modern times because: when has a ‘king’ ever defended against an attack from one party but been more angry at another?       Yet, that sounds exactly like Iran, concerning Israel, because they regularly group Saudi Arabia and Wahabism with Israel or the West, as shown in this article.      It’s particularly cringing to see them refer to the Temple Mount because that’s where the ‘abomination’ will be ‘set up’ in verse 31.     As you can see from this article, the perception of Israel has been on the decline for over a year, especially since the last war with Hamas, in which Israel dominated Even the Western media turned negative, which was a first.   Images of Gaza war shift perception of Israel Al Monitor [free media USA] – July 18, 2014 Quote: The fact remains that this is one of the rare instances of the Western media showing a darker side of Israelis that few have ever seen.   War is ugly and criminal by its nature, and the current one in Gaza is completely one-sided. Hamas: Qassam Brigades yet to use full force Daily Star [Lebanon] – July 22, 2014 Quote: Calling for solidarity with Gaza … Popular marches rallied from mosques in the city of Sidon [Lebanon] to a sit-in held at the southern city’s Martyrs' Square. The protesters lifted Palestinian and Hamas flags and cut-outs of Qassam Brigades rockets.      The ‘abomination’ is one of God’s little ‘mysteries’.  Jesus identified it as the ‘last sign’ before the rapture but the Bible never says exactly ‘what’ it is.  That’s because it doesn’t matter.  I mean: if you go to the Book of Daniel, like Jesus said, all the clues point to ‘when’ it is, not ‘what’ it is.  Apparently, that’s what God wants us to know.      For example, three chapters in the Book of Daniel contain specific milestones surrounding the abomination that, when put together, form a timeline that matches Revelation.  More specifically, Daniel contains references to the 1290, 1335, and 2300-days after the abomination, not to mention the 70th Seven, in which the abomination lands in the ‘middle’ Revelation compliments Daniel because it contains many events that take place during ‘42-months’ or ‘1260-days’, thus matching the ‘last half’ of the 70th Seven.  In other words, the verses between the ‘abomination’ and ‘end’, in Daniel 11, match the chapters between the ‘6th Seal’ and ‘Armageddon’, in Revelation.  Everything concerning the timeline makes perfect sense when Daniel 11 and the Seals are correctly interpreted but the Bible gives no indication of exactly ‘what’ the abomination is.  That’s because Jesus was giving clues to the ‘timing’ of the rapture, not the specific object that is set up, which is still secret. What about a guess?  How about a flag?     Since there are so many conspiracy theories about the abomination, I am compelled to offer a logical answer based on Daniel 11 and current events.  Basically, an ‘abomination’ is something ‘hated by God’.  It has to be something small enough that can be ‘set up’ on the ‘Temple Mount’ during an ‘armed uprising’.  Yet, size is not important, in this case, because it will be the symbolism of the object that God will hate.      So what could be so small but still represent something so ‘hated by God’?  Since we know that it occurs on the Temple Mount, it probably involves Israel’s prophecy from God.  Well, God’s prophecy to Jeremiah was that Israel would become one nation, in land of their forefathers, which happened in 1948.  Jerusalem was united in the 1967 war that lasted just 6 days, much like creation, so it stands to reason that God had a hand in that too.  One of Hamas’ primary demands is that East Jerusalem be returned to the Palestinians but Israel says that will never happen because Jerusalem is their eternal capital.  Since the Temple Mount is located in East Jerusalem, it stands to reason that the ‘abomination’ could be a simple ‘flag’, representing the ‘conquest’ of that area, which would be ‘hated’ by God.       To illustrate how plausible the above theory is, consider the fact that a group in Lebanon spontaneously raised ‘flags’, during a ‘sit-in’ for solidarity with Gaza.     If future protests become armed in the West Bank and people start raising flags, that might be all it takes.  Conclusion:    Even though the ones ‘setting it up’ will be unaware of the significance, it will still be an ‘abomination’ to God The subsequent earthquake, during the 6th Seal (and rapture), will ‘cause the desolation’.  Since terrorist attacks are usually a ‘surprise’, and the culprits won’t know what they’re doing, the ‘rapture’ will come as a surprise too, just as the Bible says.  (Yet, those who watch the signs in Daniel 11 won’t be completely in the dark.)  Paul said, “But you, brothers, are not in darkness that this day should surprise you like a thief.” (1 Thess. 5:4) Partial timeline showing ‘abomination’ click to enlarge Timeline of end times according to the abomination in Daniel Part 2:        So, ‘what’ is the abomination?  (Or should I say ‘when’?) Ambassador: Iranian aid to Lebanese Army has no strings attached  Daily Star [Lebanon] – October 13, 2014 Quote: “Therefore, we consider it is our duty to stand by Lebanon, just like [Iran] stands by the countries that belong to the axis of resistance and opposition.    Clearly, Iran is not afraid to ‘show favor’  to those who share their values.  However, those values are not just against ISIS but also Israel’s possession of Palestine.  Related page: Salvation to Maturity (a simple guide)     The threat of naval force will cause the Shiites to “lose heart” or ‘change their mind’.  *Note: nothing is said about “bloodshed” or “falling in battle”, in this verse, so there’s probably no actual warfare at this time Increased hatred toward Israel   + America’s role as ‘deterrence’ returns Daniel 11: 29-30  At the appointed time he will invade the South again, but this time the outcome will be different from what it was before. (30) Ships of the western coastlands will oppose him, and he will lose heart.  Then he will turn back and vent his fury against the holy covenant. He will return and show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant. The appointed time:     “The appointed time” will be controlled by God because we’ll be getting close to the ‘abomination’, which is set up in the ‘middle of the 70th seven’, as noted in Daniel 9:27.  In other words, God is not only controlling what will happen, but He’s controlling when too.    This article was from the ‘non-incident’ that completed verse 22 but it explains that the U.S. has 3 ships permanently stationed in the Mediterranean.  It also shows that the number can be increased in a short period of time.    Bahrain is situated in the heart of the Persian Gulf, which has the best exposure to Iran’s southern border.  Bahrain is home to America’s 5th fleet and Britain is adding to their base as well. Sixth U.S. ship now in eastern Mediterranean 'as precaution' Reuters [UK] – August 30, 2013 Quote: The U.S. Navy generally keeps three destroyers in the Mediterranean, but kept two additional destroyers there at the end of their deployments as the situation evolved in Syria over the past week. Britain to build permanent navy base in Bahrain Channel4 News [UK] – December 6, 2014 Quotes: Britain already has four minehunters permanently based at the Mina Salman Port in the small Arabian Gulf kingdom.  The kingdom already hosts the US Navy's 5th Fleet and is a member of the coalition formed to attack Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria. Other pages of interest:  Re-organized:  6-24-2015 “His armed forces will rise up and desecrate the temple fortress”     Some people think that Israel has to build a third temple and initiate animal sacrifices, for this to happen, but that’s not the case. (3rd temple page)  A ‘temple fortress’ is not necessarily a ‘temple’.  On the contrary, I think it refers to the Western Wall because a wall is part of a fortress, and it happens to be the holiest site in Judaism.  Thus, motivation to desecrate it would be hatred or revenge for Israel’s occupation of Palestine.  Islamic State 'destroys ancient Iraq statues in Mosul' BBC [UK] – February 26, 2015  (includes video = 3:01) Quote:  One of the militants in the video describes the artefacts as "false idols" and seeks to justify their destruction in religious terms. “abolish the daily sacrifice”     Actually, if someone managed to desecrate the Western Wall, I think this part of the verse would be accomplished by association.  That’s because I believe the ‘daily sacrifice’ is the ‘daily prayer’  at the Western Wall, which Orthodox Jews perform everyday, without fail.  One example of the importance of daily prayers was when the Israeli government refused to block the Wall, except for a short time, while Pope Benedict visited, in 2009.  When you think about it, if someone could desecrate the Western Wall in such a way that stops the Jews from praying there, at least for a short time, this verse would be satisfied (no Temple required).  But first ... A Little History     Some might think the Temple Mount would be impenetrable, considering the strength of the Israeli military, but it has vulnerability, too.  Muslims call it the Holy Sanctuary because it contains the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque.  After the war in 1967, Israel could have destroyed those monuments but instead, they gave administrative control to the Waqf, a Muslim charitable trust, supervised by the Palestinians or Jordan.     Therefore, the Muslims have some degree of access to the Temple Mount, even though Israel can restrict access in times of trouble.  However, the last time Israel closed it, even for one day, following the assassination attempt  on a prominent ‘prayer rights’ activist, Rabbi Yehuda Glick, on October 29, 2014, Palestinian President Abbas called it an “act of war”.  (Prior to that, it had not been closed since Areal Sharon visited in Sept 2000.)  Therefore, Israel cannot realistically close the Temple Mount, to Muslims, for any extended period of time.     Personally, I don’t think Iran would try to stop ISIS from attacking Jerusalem, even after defeating them in Mosul.  They may even embrace them into the ‘axis of resistance’ if they could turn them against Israel - “show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant” (verse 30 above).  Recent events in Mosul show that ISIS would probably love to desecrate the Western Wall because people pray to it like an idol.     First of all, that sounds eerily similar to Luke 21:20, which says, “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near.”  Plus, ISIS is reported to have a group in Sinai, south of Israel, too.     I learned where the propaganda came from when I caught a brief explanation from Paul Cruickshank, another author and terrorism analyst, who was commenting on another recent ISIS video. (right) He says, “The founder, Zarqawi, said that after they built up the group in Iraq, in the region, that they would want to destroy Israel.”      I learned the ISIS plans for the apocalypse from Graeme Wood, a political science lecturer at Yale and author of a recent article in The Atlantic, who made a statement on CNN’s Fareed Zarkaria, February 22, 2015, about 18 minutes into the show. (right)     He said, “ISIS believes that it’s foretold that the armies of Islam will eventually rally around Jerusalem, after being defeated, actually. So they believe, after conquering a large area of land, they will be reduced to a core of 5000 fighters around Jerusalem.” 
CNN  02-22-2015 / length = 1:11 CNN  3-11-2015 / length = 20 sec. Disputes over ‘prayer’ are just getting bigger     Just like clock-work, a grand debate has broken out, between Israelis and Palestinians, concerning prayer on the Temple Mount.  So far, President Netanyahu has pledged to keep the ‘status quo’, which means non-Muslins can’t pray on the Temple Mount.  It’s a little confusing because, in March 2015, an Israeli judge ruled that Jews must be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount but it seemed that the police were enforcing the old rules, such as ‘no swaying or lips moving’.  Yet, Israeli police made a point to let Rabbi Jacob Heydimann perform the Purim prayer  inside the mosque compound, with police protection, March 12th, but that was an isolated incidence.  On March 17, 2015, Netanyahu won a decisive victory, to remain Prime Minister, after making a controversial comment about not giving the Palestinians statehood on his watch. [paraphrased] It could have just been political but statements such as that add to the anger from the other side. ISRAEL’S CLANDESTINE ALLIANCE WITH GULF ARAB STATES IS GOING PUBLIC The Intercept [independent] – June 5, 2015 Quote: In an event at the Council on Foreign Relations this week in Washington, reported on by Bloomberg’s Eli Lake, high-ranking former Saudi and Israeli officials not only shared the stage but disclosed that the two countries had been holding a series of high-level meetings to discuss shared strategic goals, particularly around the perceived regional ascendance of Iran.    Well, it seems that Iran may have been right about Israel, at least in the fact that they are together with Saudi Arabia.     That makes sense, in current times, because the ‘South’ (Saudi Arabia/GCC) and the ‘Holy Covenant’ (Israel) are actually taking sides against the ‘North’ (Iran/Shiites) and not hiding it any more.     Update: 6-15-2015 Special Report: Prayers inflame tensions over Jerusalem holy site Reuters [UK] – June 4, 2015 Quote: After 900 years, Jews are chipping away at Muslims' exclusive control of the site, the third holiest in Islam. The shift, which has provoked violence in the past, threatens to open a dangerous new front in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, adding religious enmity to a political struggle in the very heart of the disputed city.  Al-Aqsa has banned non-Muslim prayer since 1187. A growing number of rabbis have contradicted the Chief Rabbinate, saying visits should be encouraged precisely because the Temple Mount is divine. In recent years the groups committed to overturning the status quo have shifted strategy, becoming more organized and gaining donors and influence. Mohammad Ahmed Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the head of the Waqf, told Reuters, "Jewish prayer at Al-Aqsa is not so much an insult as it is an aggression. If Jews try to pray  at Al-Aqsa, it will only create more tensions in the region." verse 27 updated: 2-05-2016    This article gives a pretty complete history of prayer at the Temple Mount.  It seems to be from an Arab point-of-view but they acknowledge that Israel could have done as they wished, in 1967, but instead, gave the keys to the Al Aqsa compound back to the Muslims.  They point out that it has been illegal for non-Muslims to pray there since 1187, which would have been after the Sultan Saladin defeated the Crusaders to take back Jerusalem.  That’s why any attempt to change the ‘status quo’ brings deep seeded resentment.       I expect the debate to go on, and tempers to flare more, because at some point; there’s an armed uprising.  There’s already been two ‘intifada’ (armed uprisings), in recent history.  The most recent was from 2000-2005, following a visit by Ariel Sharon to the Temple Mount.  I don’t know what will start the next one, or when, but God knows and He’s in control of everything.     Notice that the verse says invade the South ‘again’ but the South attacked first in verse 25.  However, the terminology is correct because Iran would certainly defend itself with a counter-attack (right) if Saudi Arabia or the GCC launched a surprise offensive.         As the rapture gets closer, the hatred toward Israel will increase dramatically and the Shiites will rally everyone against Israel (forsake the holy covenant).  Propaganda war against Israel As a result of ‘not attacking’, the Shiites will “vent their fury against the holy covenant”.  On top of that, they will “show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant”.    Senior Commander: Iranian Army Ready to Give Crushing Response to Enemies Press TV [Iran] – August 10, 2015    Yet, no one attacks, in this verse, because: “ships of the western coastlands will oppose him”    Note that the term “coastlands” was used in verse 18 to refer to areas around the Mediterranean.  Therefore, it probably refers to NATO countries from the West, such as the United States and Great Britain, who already have ships in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf.  On top of that, the current situation in the Middle East sounds just like this verse because America’s ‘no boots on the ground’ motto has made it’s main deterrence: “ships”.       Since the last Israeli election, Netanyahu has not made many friends, except the hardliners, in Israel, who don’t want a two-state solution.  However, this anonymous official from the West Bank says that the “one-state” solution can’t last much longer.     Personally, I think he is delusional about the June 2017 deadline but he might be serious about starting a last diplomatic effort in September.  Perhaps he’s giving 21 months because the attack, he’s talking about, is with Sunni and Shia united  but they are busy fighting each other.  Perhaps he thinks it will take that long to solve that problem.    In reality, I think any diplomatic effort will find out quickly that Netanyahu is not about to agree to any 1967 borders.  Therefore, I think the Palestinians, or any other radical Muslims, could easily find cause to stage an armed uprising (verse 31) and attack East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, when diplomatic efforts are shot down by Netanyahu, which could be very fast Hatred toward Israel increasing - August 2015 Time is running out for Israelis, Palestinians Al-Monitor [independent] – August 9, 2015 Quote: A senior Palestinian official close to President Mahmoud Abbas told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity that … Beginning in September this year, we will make a last diplomatic effort to allow for nonviolent resistance.  Come June 2017, without Palestinian statehood, we will have no choice but to revert to an alternative strategy of achieving statehood through conflict.” The Palestinian official described to Al-Monitor a very gruesome picture of the war option: a violent conflict with Jerusalem and the Temple Mount at its center. Other Arab countries and a diversity of Shiite and Sunni terror organizations  would join in the fighting. The Ramallah official, who has much experience in security matters, emphasized that his forecast was not a threat, but a logical analysis. Update: 8-10-2015 Jordan Demands UN 'End Israeli Occupation'    Arutz Sheva [Israel] – August 3, 2015 Quote:  Jordan recently threatened to revoke the peace treaty on several occasions while pressuring Israel to allow the Jordanian Waqf to continue denying Jews their rights to pray at the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.  Jordanian Ambassador to Israel Walid Obeidat was recalled to Jordan last November until February in an act of protest over talk in Israel of allowing Jews to pray on the Mount.    Even Jordan, probably the most peaceful and level-headed of Arab countries, is calling for an end to Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank and Gaza.  *The verses start blending together because the main reason Jordan is turning against Israel, at this time, is that they’re afraid that Jews might pray on the Temple Mount, which is a big issue in verse 31. (below) Updated: 2-02-2016 ISIS propaganda concerning Israel     ISIS is not necessarily the North or the South because they are the “provinces”, which get invaded in verse 24.  That invasion is currently underway but it might take some time to get to Mosul and take that city.  ISIS could take that loss (or othes) as a sign of the ‘end’ and stage an attack on Israel, which is what the founder of ISIS, Zarqawi, has predicted. Plus, since ISIS and Hamas are both Sunni, they wouldn’t be waiting for the Mahdi, before making a move, like the Shiites might. (see Antichrist page for explanation) Israel isolating themselves over nuclear agreement    When the time is right, the hatred will reach a peak and someone will be inspired to set up the ‘abomination that causes desolation’. Iranian President: Israel Shuddered by N. Agreement Fars News [Iran] – August 6, 2015 Quote: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the nuclear agreement between Tehran and the world powers as a victory for all nations, and said Israel is the only regime  which is angry and frightened by the agreement.    Personally, I think Iran will abide by the terms of the nuclear agreement because as a result; they not only get more sanctions relief, they also get more-and-more leverage on Israel, as time goes by, and things run smooth, so Iran can announce very loudly, ‘Israel was wrong’.  Update: 8-11-2015
Prime examples:  “Repeated” Muslim Riots at Temple Mount and Jerusalem.    I’ve read several articles on the current Temple Mount activities.  For example, I know that an Israeli judge ruled that Jews had the right to pray on the Temple Mount but reality on the ground isn’t reflecting the judge’s order.  Jews can only enter the Temple Mount through one gate and then they are restricted from bringing certain articles and must travel in guided groups.  Those groups are followed by Palestinian women who heckle them the whole time.  Plus, if a Jew should start swaying and moving their lips, like they are praying, then they are approached and ordered to stop by Palestinian guards.  The Israeli police are also present but they seem content on keeping the ‘status quo’, as Netanyahu has promised, rather than what the judge has ordered.  As a result, there are often skirmishes on the Temple Mount.     This one got caught on film by a reporter named Jerusalem Jane, on Tisha B’Av. Jerusalem Jane reporting  [Temple Mount] July 26, 2015 - running time = 5:01        Tisha B'Av - 2015     Arabs are on heightened alert for ‘prayer-violations’, especially on Jewish holidays.  However, they aren’t really violations at all.     In a nut shell, the Jews are determined to pray on the Temple Mount and Arabs are determined not to let them. (It’s an accident waiting to happen.)  Update: 8-11-2015 Israeli police, Palestinians clash on Jewish New Year CBS / AP [USA] - September 13, 2015 Quote: Israeli police say the protesters threw rocks and firecrackers at police as they barricaded themselves inside the mosque. The BBC reports pipe bombs were found after police raided the area.    This was a different holiday  that attracted violence on the Temple Mount.  Updated: 9-14-2015 Update: 9-28-2015 Israel police: Arab politician inflamed tensions at al-Aqsa I24 News [France] – September 27, 2015 Quotes: Police in Israel called on Arab parliamentarians to take responsibility for the maintaining of order at Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound, after clashes broke out between masked Palestinians and Israeli security forces on Sunday, the last day of the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday. The radical northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel ... had urged Muslims to go to the compound to defend it. Islamic Movement official Sheikh Qairi Eskender said: "We're afraid  they want to divide the Aqsa compound, because the Jewish extremists want to take control of Al-Aqsa.    Of course, it can also be Muslim holidays.  BTW, the ‘Al-Aqsa compound’ is the same as the Temple Mount.     In general, Arab politicians are using a propaganda campaign to make Arabs think that Israel is out to change the Temple Mount, which Netanyahu has pledged not to do    Yet, whether propaganda is true or not, fear can make people do some radical things.  Daniel 11 Explained (condensed ‘one page’ commentary) ‘Matthew 24’ Explained (must match Revelation) The ‘Seals’ Explained (Revelation’s timeline revealed) Seven Churches Explained (Past & Present Church Prophecy)
CNN  10-16-2015 / length = 1:32     Ben Wedeman reports live from Jerusalem on “Day of Rage” protests.  Update: 10-16-2015 No ‘Holiday’ needed for uprising and ‘Abomination’.     Ben Wedeman explains that this was the 3rd so-called “day of rage”, in 8 days, and although they may ‘tamp down’, they will come back.    Recent background: Israel recently encouraged it’s citizens, who had permits to carry weapons, to do so.  Of course, everyone should have known that that was going to incite more violence.     Bottom line: Israel can’t give in on the two-state solution because the Palestinians insist on dividing Jerusalem, which God just won’t let happen Therefore, we are headed towards the “abomination that causes desolation” and no one can stop it because God has decreed it.     Yet, no one knows the day so no ‘holiday’ or pre-determined astronomical event can determine the rapture.  God’s “Book of Truth” (Daniel 11) gave us signs to watch, which was very generous of Him. 1st round in Vienna ... and attacks ‘increase’ around the world.    Round one started (and stopped), on October 30, 2015, in Vienna, Austria, but it was anything but peaceful.  Granted, no one had to “lie to each other”, yet, because they were pretty open about their disagreement, which mainly rests on Assad staying ‘president of Syria’ or not.    This was at least the 2nd occasion where Saudi’s Foreign Minister, Jubeir, has threatened military action against Assad.  Of course, that would be the attack in verse 25, leading to Saudi Arabia’s defeat in verse 26, and the actual peace talks, in verse 27, where they “lie to each other”.    Note: ‘Elections’ are ‘one thing’ that Saudi Arabia doesn’t want because Wahabbists don’t like sharing power.  However, since elections have become the norm of society, the Saudi acceptance, in the process, could be one thing they “lie” about, following their embarrassing defeat in verse 26. Major powers still have 'significant differences' in opinion over future of Assad Daily Mail [UK] – October 30, 2015 Quote: Adel al-Jubeir [foreign minister] of Saudi Arabia, in an interview with the BBC, made it clear that Riyadh is sticking by its view that Assad must leave office quickly 'He will go either through a political process or he will be removed by force,' he warned Russia and Iran had made it equally clear that Assad has a right to play a role in an eventual transition towards a mooted transitional unity government and later elections A cringing guess that I don’t like to consider, but ...     It’s no secret that jihadists are targeting Christians as well as Shiites and Jews, anywhere they can.  They are known to cut people’s heads off and burn them alive but they are also notorious for hanging people on crosses, after their dead.  If they set something like that up, to mock Christians, it would definitely be an ‘abomination’ to God.  Unfortunately, it’s plausible, along with the desecration of the Western Wall, because jihadists would love to take a stab at Christianity and Judaism, at the same time.  Added: 11-14-2015 Western Wall in a UNESCO resolution    Apparently, the “United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization” (UNESCO) can accept a proposal from any member and stage a vote to re-classify any historical monument.  They’ve had resolutions involving Jerusalem before but this latest attempt to re-classify the ‘Western Wall’ is a new low for the Arabs, knowing that it’s the ‘holiest site in Judaism’.  Fortunately, there wasn’t enough support for the resolution, as is, so they removed  the Western Wall designation, before voting.  The resolution was obviously an attempt to head-off any change in the ‘status quo’ (concerning prayer on the Temple Mount), which Netanyahu has pledged to keep the same, anyway.  So why is this important?    The original resolution was important, to me, because it showed that Arabs think about the Western Wall, when thinking of ‘forms of revenge’ against the Jewish nation.  Since they didn’t get their way, this time, the Western Wall is likely to stay on the minds of jihadists.  Of course, they wouldn’t try to blow it up because it serves as a retaining-wall for the Al Aqsa Mosque, which means that the next best thing would be to ‘desecrate it’, so Israelis won’t pray there.  That would satisfy the ‘first two conditions’ of Daniel 11:31.     At the same time, the culprits will set up the ‘abomination that causes desolation’, which ‘God considers a red line’, thus the ‘rapture’ will happen (gathering in the sky), as described in Matthew 24:29-31.  (see Matthew 24 page)    After that, the inhabitants of earth will face an even more perilous time, but those who meet Jesus in the air will attend the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.  At the conclusion of that (approximately 2300 days later), Jesus will return to defeat the armies of the beast and set up His own kingdom on earth, for 1000 years.  That’s the only timeline that fits everything in the Bible, without contradictions.  (see ‘sitemap’ for a complete list of pages) Updated: 11-14-2015 3rd Round - a resolution passed - future talks proposed ...    On December 19, 2015, after a 3rd round of talks in New York, the UNSC passed a resolution, which was a victory for Iran and Russia because there was no stipulation about Assad staying or going.  The UNSC also scheduled peace talks, for around the end of January, but admitted that the date was subject to change.  That’s because the two sides are deeply divided on Assad’s fate and who will even be allowed to participate in the talks.  In that area, Iran has proposed and China is helping to compose a ‘list’ of acceptable opposition members, but Saudi Arabia and Turkey probably won’t like the list because their main proxy groups will undoubtedly be excluded. ... and Saudi ‘executions’ make a statement.   On January 2, 2016, Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shiite cleric, Sheikh al-Nimr, which they had been threatening to do for many months (but always ‘postponed’ when ‘social’ protests arose).  This time, Saudi Arabia not only carried out the execution, but did it along with 46 other “terrorists”, mostly from Al-Qaeda.  (Ironically, Saudi Arabia supports Jabhat al-Nursa, in Syria, who is a ‘branch’ of Al-Qaeda.)  Anyway, the execution shows that Saudi Arabia doesn’t want a ‘peaceful’ solution but would rather ‘escalate’ the situation, instead. (see verse 25)    Preliminary ‘Peace Talks’:  (3 rounds)     At this point, the two kings have been identified as Saudi Arabia (South) and Iran (North).  This verse can only be talking about the so-called ‘peace talks’, which are ongoing in the Middle East, right now.  Of course, the ‘talks’ are only in their ‘preliminary stages’.     Note: the verses are still happening in order but certain steps must be taken, first, because nothing in reality happens instantly, especially in world politics.  As I’ve said, God is arranging His chess pieces so the dominoes can fall fast (two games intended).  As Gabriel said, “the end will come like a flood” so God is ‘preparing’ many different prophecies, at the same time. Interesting Coincidence?  (probably not)    It’s interesting, to me, that the Russian airliner was sabotaged on the next day, Halloween, which actually sped-up the attack on ISIS and Russia’s commitment to their defeat.  I mean, it’s like Satan shooting himself in the foot, because God already knows his every trick, and planned a counter-result, long ago.  God even provided signs (or prophecies in the Bible), so everyone would know exactly what is happening, and not worry.  In other words, Satan may have upped his game, on Halloween-2015, but he’s is playing right into God’s hands.   Note: The Paris attack, Nov. 13, was also significant because it forced the West to focus on the Syrian War and decide who the real enemy is, which is ‘not’ Assad.            U.N. approves Syrian peace plan            CNN [USA] – December 19, 2015 Quote:  But this week in Moscow, Kerry raised eyebrows when he said "the United States and our partners are not seeking so-called 'regime change,' as it is known in Syria." ISIS Update: 12-27-2015 updated below ISIS leader taunts US, Saudi-led coalition in latest audio message Fox News [USA] – December 27, 2015 Quote:  [al-Baghdadi] also threatened Israel saying: we haven't forgotten you" and "we are getting closer to you" every day.  To Israeli Jews, he said that they "will hide behind trees and stones" from the ISIS.   It’s interesting, now that ISIS is losing ground in the Middle East, that the leader, al-Baghdadi, has reminded everyone that they “haven’t forgotten Israel.”     Note: They even mention “stones”, which could be a vague reference to the Western Wall because they are known to deface or destroy ancient religious monuments.  U.N. says planning for Syria talks toward end of January Reuters [UK] – December 22, 2015 Quote: The Security Council also called on U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon to draw up options within a month for monitoring a ceasefire in Syria.  It is the second time since Syria's conflict broke out with mass street protests in March 2011 that the council backed a plan for peace talks and a truce. Possible link to ‘the 70th Seven’ (Daniel 9:27)  (update on that page)   As noted in this article, this is only the 2nd attempt by the UNSC for a ‘cease-fire/monitoring mission’ in Syria.     It’s interesting because the 1st attempt matched a “covenant with many” (from Daniel 9:27), which was “confirmed” in July-2012.    That’s almost exactly 3.5 years from the “end of January”, when the ‘same type of mission’ is potentially coming up again (from the UNSC).    That’s quite a coincidence, especially when ‘these other events’ (Daniel 11), which must happen first, are also happening Updated: 1-06-2016 Syria ‘peace talks’ off to a rocky start ... (actually not at all).    The so-called “Syria peace talks”, in Geneva, got off to a rocky start because they were supposed to start on Friday, Jan. 29, 2016, when the Syrian government delegation met with UN special envoy, Staffan de Mistura, who will oversee the talks.  However, the opposition delegation didn’t show up until Saturday, followed by a terrorist’s attack, in Damascus, on Sunday (claimed by ISIS, who was not invited to the talks, along with al-Nusra). Notice an unintended pattern of “attacks”  that have emerged from these “talks”.  Syria conflict: Dozens killed near Sayyida Zeinab shrine BBC [UK] – February 1, 2016 Quote: Hostility between key players remains high, with the Syrian government's envoy Bashar al-Jaafari saying the HNC's last-minute decision to take part showed it was "not serious".  He said the Sayyida Zeinab attack confirmed the link between the opposition and terrorism   Note: One sign that these particular talks don’t fulfill verse 27, at least ‘not yet’, is that they are “proximity” talks, which means that the delegations will be in separate rooms and the UN envoy, Mistura, will go back-n-forth.  When the correct attack occurs, from the South, as described by vs. 25, the two sides will sit at the “same table”   In these talks, the Syrian government is backed by Iran and Russia and the opposition, called the High Negotiating Committee (HNC), is backed by Saudi Arabia, but only the government and opposition are supposed to negotiate.     These “talks” are suspected to last for six-months, with round one lasting about ten-days, but that schedule could be altered significantly, especially if the South doesn’t get what they want, and future attacks escalate.   Therefore, the pattern of attacks, designed to disrupt the talks, continue.  In fact, a meaningful cease-fire cannot be attained until ISIS and al-Nusra are eliminated (or controlled), in the Middle East.  Of course, that will be done by the Shiite governments of Iran, Iraq, and Syria, with considerable help from Russia, fulfilling verse 24   I think most people understand that the fighting will not stop, in Syria, until Saudi Arabia and Iran come to the “same table”.  Iran, Saudi Arabia must compromise, resolve Mideast tensions: UN Press TV [Iran] – February 1, 2016 Quote: Several countries, including Pakistan, Russia and China, have voiced readiness to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia to ease up their tensions.    Yet, Saudi Arabia will exhaust all other options, including a surprise attack (verse 25), before doing that.  See Sitemap for complete listing (by category). Home Russia and Turkey trade accusations over Syria Reuters [UK] – February 5, 2016 Quote: Saudi Arabia said it was ready to participate in ground operations  against Islamic State in Syria if the U.S.-led alliance decided to launch them. The United Nations on Wednesday suspended the first peace talks in two years, halting an effort that seemed doomed from the start as the war raged unabated. Washington said on Thursday however it was hopeful they would resume by the end of the month, and Russia said it expected that no later than Feb. 25   Also as expected, Saudi Arabia is more ready to attack Syria than participate in talks that would leave Assad in power.    Of course, they claim that they would be fighting ISIS but they would fight Assad, just like Russia is supporting Assad and fighting Saudi Arabian proxy: al-Nusra. Peace Talks Suspended before Starting.    It seems that the mediator was the only one who thought the talks had started, as he talked to the media.  Nevertheless, they are expected to start again, around February 25, 2016.  Updated: 2-05-2016