Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.  Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. © Copyright 2010 - 2015   All rights reserved. The Abomination that causes Desolation Daniel 11:31  His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation. “Peace Talks” to the “Abomination” (Final events before the Rapture) (*continued from: “current events”.)
Wahabi-Zionist onslaught on humanity Press TV [Iranian] – January 30, 2014 Quote: The powerful military wings of Wahabism i.e. al-Qaeda and Talban  were created and funded to bring about bigger political changes in the Muslim World.  Saudi grown wild animals have been butchering Shia Muslims, killing innocent children and women in the name of Islam. Wahabism patronizes Zionism. They are sister ideologies. One has control over petroleum and the other has control over banking. One has control over the place holiest for Muslims and the other has  control over the place equally holy for Muslims, Christians and Jews. One is loaded with throat cutting and flesh eating cannibal Jihadists, the other is loaded with thermal, chemical and atomic bombs.   Israel’s ‘passive role’ in End Times ... just to be hated.      Israel has a ‘passive role’ because they are the ‘holy covenant’, in verses 28 and 30, which doesn’t necessarily do anything except ‘exist’.  Yet, this situation is still characteristic of modern times because Israel didn’t exist as a nation until 1948.  The war in 1967, which united Jerusalem was certainly divine also but there’s nothing else for Israel to do, at least not prior to the rapture.     After the rapture, the Jews come in play again but gentiles need to be “washed by the blood of Jesus”, before the abomination is ‘set up’ and the rest of Revelation begins to happen.  That’s because only the Jews have a so-called ‘second chance’ but it’s not pleasant.  As for a proposed 3rd Temple, it’s just not necessary  for Jesus’ return.  It could be built afterwards, while the two witnesses are prophesying, but that’s not a time that the gentiles want to be on earth.  Anyway, Israel’s role is just to be ‘hated’ more and more and they can do that naturally, without even trying. Daniel 11:27   The two kings, with their hearts bent on evil, will sit at the same table  and lie to each other, but to no avail, because an end will still come at the appointed time.  Introduction:    This verse is obviously talking about “peace talks”, which is common in today’s society, but not so much during Daniel’s time.  Of course, Daniel didn’t understand the meaning of everything he was writing but God is revealing things to this generation.     The two kings have been revealed as Iran (North) and Saudi Arabia (South), from previous verses that match history and current events, starting with the ‘final empire’ in verse 21    Events from verses 22 and 23 have given Iran the upper hand and the two sides are currently in a proxy war to decide the fate of Assad in Syria.  The Shiites are slowly beating back ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, with the help of Russia and America, and Saudi Arabia doesn’t like what is happening because Iran, which is Persian and Shiite, is gaining influence in Arab countries.     The events are following Daniel 11 because those Arab countries (Syria and Iraq) contain most of ancient Mesopotamia, which has always been part of the North, in Daniel 11.  Thus, Saudi Arabia is following God’s prophecy, in Daniel 11, even though they don’t understand it.       Eventually, the South and their Sunni allies will be involved in an ‘unsuccessful attack’ upon the Shiites, which is outlined in verses 25-26.  After that, the two kings will be forced to “sit at the same table and lie to each other”, as verse 27 says.  Preliminary talks are already happening    The current talks that started in Vienna and continued in Geneva are ‘preliminaries’ to the talks in this verse.  The reason I know that they aren’t the actual talks is because the two sides are represented by the Syrian government and the rebels, which aren’t exactly the North and South.  Plus, the current talks are slated as “proximity talks”, which means that the two sides are not in the same room, much less the same table, and the UN mediator, Staffan de Mistura, is supposed to relay messages between to two.  Even with that proposed format, the talks have achieved very little, except for a cease-fire between the so-called ‘moderate rebels’ and Assad, but that doesn’t include ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, Saudi Arabia’s main proxy.     Yet, the talks are ‘preliminaries’ to this verse because Iran is very involved, as opposed to the previous talks, where Iran was excluded.  Plus, the opposition to Assad, which is called the “High Negotiating Committee”, is being controlled by Saudi Arabia.  A pattern of ‘attacks’ – following the ‘talks’    It’s interesting that major attacks have followed most of the so-called talks.  That’s because Saudi Arabia is not getting their way, and they prefer violence and removing Assad by force, rather than peace talks and fair elections.    
  Yet, that sounds exactly like Iran because they regularly group Saudi Arabia or Wahabbism with Israel, as shown in this very old article.    Nevertheless, I kept it because it shows how Iran thinks about Saudi Arabia and Israel, together.    It’s particularly interesting to see them refer to the Temple Mount or Jerusalem because that’s where the abomination will be ‘set up’ in verse 31.  Ambassador: Iranian aid to Lebanese Army has no strings attached  Daily Star [Lebanon] – October 13, 2014 Quote: “Therefore, we consider it is our duty to stand by Lebanon, just like [Iran] stands by the countries that belong to the axis of resistance and opposition.   Clearly, Iran is not afraid to ‘show favor’  to those who ‘share their values’.  However, those values are not just against ISIS but also against Israel’s possession of Palestine.      The threat of naval force will cause the Shiites to “lose heart” or ‘change their mind’.  *Note: nothing is said about “bloodshed” or “falling in battle”, in this verse, so there’s probably no actual warfare at this time ‘Near’ attack but “ships” cause a ‘deterrence’ + ‘more hatred towards Israel’   Daniel 11: 29-30  At the appointed time he will invade the South again, but this time the outcome will be different from what it was before. (30) Ships of the western coastlands will oppose him, and he will lose heart.  Then he will turn back and vent his fury against the holy covenant. He will return and show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant. The appointed time:     “The appointed time” will be controlled by God because we’ll be getting close to the ‘abomination’, which is set up in the ‘middle of the 70th seven’, as noted in Daniel 9:27.  In other words, God is not only controlling what will happen, but He’s controlling when too.    This article was from the ‘non-incident’ that completed verse 22 but it explains that the U.S. has 3 ships permanently stationed in the Mediterranean.  It also shows that the number can be increased in a short period of time.    Bahrain is situated in the heart of the Persian Gulf, which has the best exposure to Iran’s southern border.  Bahrain is home to America’s 5th fleet and Britain is adding to their base as well. Sixth U.S. ship now in eastern Mediterranean 'as precaution' Reuters [UK] – August 30, 2013 Quote: The U.S. Navy generally keeps three destroyers in the Mediterranean, but kept two additional destroyers there at the end of their deployments as the situation evolved in Syria over the past week. Britain to build permanent navy base in Bahrain Channel4 News [UK] – December 6, 2014 Quotes: Britain already has four minehunters permanently based at the Mina Salman Port in the small Arabian Gulf kingdom.  The kingdom already hosts the US Navy's 5th Fleet and is a member of the coalition formed to attack Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria. Other pages of interest:  Re-written:  4-24-2016 Part 1: “His armed forces will rise up and desecrate the temple fortress”     Some people think that Israel has to build a third temple, for Jesus to return, but that’s just not the case because a ‘temple fortress’ is not necessarily a ‘temple’.  On the contrary, I think it refers to the Western Wall because a ‘wall’ is part of a ‘fortress’, and it happens to be the holiest site in Judaism.  Thus, motivation to desecrate it would be hatred or revenge for Israel’s occupation of Palestine.  “and abolish the daily sacrifice.    By association, I think this part of the sentence will be accomplished by the other because I think the daily sacrifice is the daily prayer at the Western Wall that the Jews already perform.  In other words, if there’s an uprising to desecrate the Western Wall, then it may do enough damage to discourage people from praying there, at least for one day, which would be a victory for the terrorists, such as ISIS or Hamas.  Islamic State 'destroys ancient Iraq statues in Mosul' BBC [UK] – February 26, 2015  (includes video = 3:01) Quote:  One of the militants in the video describes the artefacts as "false idols" and seeks to justify their destruction in religious terms.    Personally, I don’t think Iran would try to stop ISIS from attacking Jerusalem, even after defeating them in Mosul.  They may even embrace them into the ‘axis of resistance’ if they could turn them against Israel - “show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant” (verse 30 above).  Recent events in Mosul show that ISIS would probably love to desecrate the Western Wall because people pray to it like an idol.     First of all, that sounds eerily similar to Luke 21:20, which says, “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near.”  Plus, ISIS is reported to have a group in Sinai, south of Israel, too.     I learned where the propaganda came from when I caught a brief explanation from Paul Cruickshank, another author and terrorism analyst, who was commenting on another recent ISIS video. (right) He says, “The founder, Zarqawi, said that after they built up the group in Iraq, in the region, that they would want to destroy Israel.”      I learned the ISIS plans for the apocalypse from Graeme Wood, a political science lecturer at Yale and author of a recent article in The Atlantic, who made a statement on CNN’s Fareed Zarkaria, February 22, 2015, about 18 minutes into the show. (right)     He said, “ISIS believes that it’s foretold that the armies of Islam will eventually rally around Jerusalem, after being defeated, actually. So they believe, after conquering a large area of land, they will be reduced to a core of 5000 fighters around Jerusalem.” 
CNN  02-22-2015 / length = 1:11 CNN  3-11-2015 / length = 20 sec. ISRAEL’S CLANDESTINE ALLIANCE WITH GULF ARAB STATES IS GOING PUBLIC          The Intercept [independent] – June 5, 2015 Quote: In an event at the Council on Foreign Relations this week in Washington, reported on by Bloomberg’s Eli Lake, high-ranking former Saudi and Israeli officials not only shared the stage but disclosed that the two countries had been holding a series of high-level meetings to discuss shared strategic goals, particularly around the perceived regional ascendance of Iran.    Iran was not wrong about Israel being in cahoots with Saudi Arabia, at least in regards to their shared animosity towards Iran, which they’re not hiding any more, especially after the nuclear agreement.    updated verse 28:  5-20-2016 updated verse 31   5-21-2016     Notice that the verse says invade the South ‘again’ but the South attacked first in verse 25.  However, the terminology is correct because Iran would certainly defend itself with a counter-attack (right) if Saudi Arabia or the GCC launched a surprise offensive.       Note: As the rapture gets closer and closer, the hatred toward Israel will increase dramatically and the Shiites will rally everyone against Israel to “forsake the holy covenant”.     When the time is right, the hatred will reach a peak and someone will be inspired to “set up the abomination that causes desolation”.   The propaganda war against Israel    As a result of ‘not attacking’, the Shiites will “vent their fury against the holy covenant”.  On top of that, they will “show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant”   Senior Commander: Iranian Army Ready to Give Crushing Response to Enemies Press TV [Iran] – August 10, 2015    Yet, no one attacks, in this verse, because: “ships of the western coastlands will oppose him”    Note that the term “coastlands” was used in verse 18 to refer to areas around the Mediterranean.  Therefore, it probably refers to NATO countries from the West, such as the United States and Great Britain, who already have ships in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf.  On top of that, the current situation in the Middle East sounds just like this verse because America’s ‘no boots on the ground’ motto has made it’s main deterrence: “ships”.   Jordan Demands UN 'End Israeli Occupation'    Arutz Sheva [Israel] – August 3, 2015 Quote:  Jordan recently threatened to revoke the peace treaty on several occasions while pressuring Israel to allow the Jordanian Waqf to continue denying Jews their rights to pray at the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.  Jordanian Ambassador to Israel Walid Obeidat was recalled to Jordan last November until February in an act of protest over talk in Israel of allowing Jews to pray on the Mount. ISIS propaganda concerning Israel     ISIS is not necessarily the North or the South because they are the “provinces”, which get invaded in verse 24.  That invasion is currently underway but it might take some time to get to Mosul and take that city.  ISIS could take that loss (or others) as a sign of the ‘end’ and stage an attack on Israel, which is what the founder of ISIS, Zarqawi, has predicted. Plus, since ISIS and Hamas are both Sunni, they wouldn’t be waiting for the Mahdi, before making a move, like the Shiites might. (see Antichrist page for explanation) Iranian President: Israel Shuddered by N. Agreement Fars News [Iran] – August 6, 2015 Quote: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the nuclear agreement between Tehran and the world powers as a victory for all nations, and said Israel is the only regime  which is angry and frightened by the agreement. Prime examples:  Repeated violence in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Re-organized: 4-24-2016 updated part 2 below Israeli police, Palestinians clash on Jewish New Year CBS / AP [USA] - September 13, 2015 Quote: Israeli police say the protesters threw rocks and firecrackers at police as they barricaded themselves inside the mosque. The BBC reports pipe bombs were found after police raided the area.    The Arabs are particularly violent on Jewish holidays, because the Jews try to pray on the Temple Mount, as shown on the right.  Israel police: Arab politician inflamed tensions at al-Aqsa I24 News [France] – September 27, 2015 Quotes: Police in Israel called on Arab parliamentarians to take responsibility for the maintaining of order at Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound, after clashes broke out between masked Palestinians and Israeli security forces on Sunday, the last day of the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday. The radical northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel ... had urged Muslims to go to the compound to defend it. Islamic Movement official Sheikh Qairi Eskender said: "We're afraid  they want to divide the Aqsa compound, because the Jewish extremists want to take control of Al-Aqsa.    Of course, they can be violent on Muslim holidays too because the ‘Al-Aqsa compound’  is on the Temple Mount, and adjacent to the Western Wall.     In general, Arab politicians are using a propaganda campaign to make Arabs think that Israel is out to change the Temple Mount, which Netanyahu has pledged not to do    Yet, whether the propaganda is true or not, fear can make people do some radical things.  Daniel 11 Explained (condensed ‘one page’ commentary) ‘Matthew 24’ Explained (must match Revelation) The ‘Seals’ Explained (Revelation’s timeline revealed) Seven Churches Explained (Past & Present Church Prophecy)
   CNN  10-16-2015 / length = 1:32  Ben Wedeman reports live from Jerusalem on “Day of Rage” protests.  Of course, an ‘uprising’ can happen on ‘any day’.     Ben Wedeman explains that this was the 3rd so-called “day of rage”, in 8 days, and although they may ‘tamp down’, they will come back.    Recent background: Israel recently encouraged it’s citizens, who had permits to carry weapons, to do so.  Of course, everyone should have known that that was going to incite more violence.     Bottom line: Israel can’t give in on the two-state solution because the Palestinians insist on dividing Jerusalem, which God just won’t let happen Therefore, we are headed towards the “abomination that causes desolation” and no one can stop it because God has decreed it.     Yet, no one knows the day so no ‘holiday’ or pre-determined astronomical event can determine the rapture.  God’s “Book of Truth” (Daniel 11) gave us signs to watch, which was very generous of Him.  Note: This was at least the 2nd occasion where Saudi’s Foreign Minister, Jubeir, threatened military action against Assad.   Of course, when that happens, it will be ‘the attack’ in verse 25, leading to Saudi Arabia’s defeat in verse 26, and the actual peace talks,  in verse 27, where they “lie to each other”. Major powers still have 'significant differences' in opinion over future of Assad                    Daily Mail [UK] – October 30, 2015 Quote: Adel al-Jubeir [foreign minister] of Saudi Arabia, in an interview with the BBC, made it clear that Riyadh is sticking by its view that Assad must leave office quickly 'He will go either through a political process or he will be removed by force,' he warned Russia and Iran had made it equally clear that Assad has a right to play a role in an eventual transition towards a mooted transitional unity government and later elections    At the same meeting, the UN scheduled peace talks, for the end of January, but admitted that the date was subject to change.  That’s because the two sides were still deeply divided on who would even attend the talks.  In the month awaiting, Iran and China was trying to compose a list of acceptable opposition members, but before it could be finished; Saudi Arabia demonstrated that they really didn’t want to negotiate   On January 2, 2016, Saudi Arabia executed a prominent Shiite cleric, Sheikh al-Nimr, which they had been threatening to do for many months (but always ‘postponed’ because protests arose).  This time, Saudi Arabia not only carried out the execution, but did it along with 46 “terrorists”, mostly from Al-Qaeda   Saudi Arabia obviously knew there would be protests but they didn’t care any more because they wanted to send a message.  Then, they acted surprised and outraged when the Saudi embassy in Tehran was torched by angry protesters, the next day.  Subsequently, Saudi Arabia and most of the GCC closed their embassies in Tehran, for the foreseeable future.     Needless to say, that series of events had a profound effect on the proposed peace talks, which were supposed to start on Friday, Jan. 29, 2016.  However, the opposition delegation didn’t show up until Saturday, followed by a terrorist’s attack, in Damascus, on Sunday.  Therefore, the pattern of attacks to disrupt the talks continued and the talks never really took off.  U.N. approves Syrian peace plan            CNN [USA] – December 19, 2015 Quote:  But this week in Moscow, Kerry raised eyebrows when he said "the United States and our partners are not seeking so-called 'regime change,' as it is known in Syria." ISIS Updated: 12-27-2015 ISIS leader taunts US, Saudi-led coalition in latest audio message Fox News [USA] – December 27, 2015 Quote:  [al-Baghdadi] also threatened Israel saying: we haven't forgotten you" and "we are getting closer to you" every day.  To Israeli Jews, he said that they "will hide behind trees and stones" from the ISIS.   It’s interesting, now that ISIS is losing ground in the Middle East, that the leader, al-Baghdadi, has reminded everyone that they “haven’t forgotten Israel.”     Note: They even mention “stones”, which could be a vague reference to the Western Wall because they are known to deface or destroy ancient religious monuments.  See Sitemap for complete listing (by category). Home Jubeir: If all else fails, remove Syria's Assad by force CNN – February 13, 2016  (text + video) Quote: Saudi Arabia's foreign minister says if the Syrian political process fails, President Bashar al-Assad will have to be removed "by force."  "We will push as much as we can to ensure that the political process works. But if it doesn't work, it will be because of the obstinance of the Syrian regime and that of its allies." "And should that prove to be the case, then it becomes clear that there is no option to remove Bashar al-Assad except by force."   After that, Saudi Arabia made up their minds that Assad must be removed, before negotiating could ever begin, which is not really negotiating at all.    Not only that, Saudi’s Foreign Minister, Jubeir, said that if the political process didn’t remove him, then Saudi Arabia will remove him “by force.”    Of course, I expect Saudi Arabia to at least ‘try’ because that will fulfill verse 25.     Saudi Arabia has already sent jets to Incirlik air base in Turkey and Jubeir said that ground troops were being “seriously considered.”  Yet, Syria’s foreign minister said that such an invasion would be “defended vigorously.”  I’m counting on that because Saudi Arabia will lose that skirmish.    When that happens, the two kings will “sit at the same table and lie to each other.”      After the first round took place, October 30, 2015, in Geneva, the very next day, which was Halloween, a Russian airliner was brought down while returning from Egypt, killing all 213 innocent passengers, who were returning from vacation.     In my opinion, that Halloween event signaled an increase in Satan’s fury because the Paris attacks happened just two weeks later, on November 13, 2015, followed by the downing of a Russian jet by Turkey, on Nov. 24, plus attacks in Tunisia, San Bernardino (USA), and many other countries.  Yet, as I’ve pointed out, Satan is playing right into God’s hand because everything has been prophesied, in the Bible, for this very time.  In fact, the Paris attacks got France, and the West, a little closer to Russia’s stance, which allowed them to have free-reign against Assad’s enemies, which was part of Daniel 7:5   In other words, Satan’s increased fury made it a little easier to recognize who the most guilty parties were, which turned out to be Saudi Arabia and Turkey, not Assad.  Therefore, everything is working to fulfill God’s Word, because the ‘North’, which is Iran and the Shiites, prevail in becoming the ‘final empire’ in Daniel 11, which is describing the Middle East.     After France and the West, including America, softened on Assad’s fate, a UN resolution was signed on Dec. 19, 2015.  It was a victory for Iran and Russia because there was no stipulation of Assad’s removal, which was previously demanded by Saudi Arabia.    One of the biggest reasons that these talks were suspended was that the “Battle of Aleppo” flared-up, again, right when the talks were supposed to start.    That could be related to the 70th Seven, from Daniel 9:27, because the same thing occured ‘one day’ after the first UN cease-fire and monitoring mission was ‘renewed’ or ‘confirmed’, about 3 1/2 years earlier.  Syrian army threatens to encircle Aleppo as talks falter Reuters [UK] – February 2, 2016 Quote: A Syrian military offensive backed by heavy Russian air strikes threatened to cut critical rebel supply lines into the northern city of Aleppo on Tuesday, while the warring sides said peace talks had not started despite a U.N. statement they had. Re-organized: 4-12-2016 Daniel 11:28 The king of the North will return to his own country with great wealth, but his heart will be set against the holy covenant.  He will take action against it and then return to his own country.   After the botched invasion and peace talks, the North will have “great wealth”, which could come from some kind of settlement or it could be referring to the sanctions relief, which Iran is slowly getting back, starting with implementation in January 2016.    The above verse is characteristic of modern times because the “holy covenant” is Israel.  Therefore, when you think about it, the North successfully defends against an attack from the South, ends up with great wealth, but is more angry at Israel.    One flash point between Muslims and Jews is the right for Jews to pray on the Temple Mount, which even Jordon, the most level-headed Arab country, has threatened to revoke its peace treaty over, while calling for an end to Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank and Gaza.    A second point that has turned out to look negative on Israel is the nuclear agreement between the P5+1 nations and Iran, which Netanyahu tried to sabotage, but failed.  I figured Iran would abide by the agreement, if only to make Israel look bad for opposing it, and that’s exactly what has happened so far.     A third point of incitement is the propaganda that circulates within the Palestinians, designed to inspire violence in the name of “defending Al-Aqsa mosque”.  Of course, Al-Aqsa is situated on the Temple Mount and Palestinians are being made to believe that Israel is excavating beneath it, to make it fall, to make room for the third temple.  There were flares of violence in 2014 and before Sukkot, in Oct. 2015.    This time, they are using a 17 minute film that shows footage of the Herodian tunnel and claims that it is intended to topple the Al-Aqsa mosque.  The timing before Passover is not seen as an accident so security is on high alert.  A change in American perception    A forth factor that is playing against Israel is the Palestinian situation in Gaza, which started to change perception, even in the Western media, following the 2014 war, which was very one-sided.  Historically speaking, the wars in 1948 and ‘67 set the stage because they displaced about 700,000 Palestinians, at the time, and their situation continues to be a hot political issue today.  Added: 5-20-2016    In April 2016, the American election began raising awareness because Bernie Sanders, who is a Jew, expressed his desire for a “balanced position” between Israel and the Palestinians.  That would have been political suicide, in the past, but American sentiment has been slowly changing, especially on the democratic side.       On April 19, 2016, Vice-President Joe Biden came out in favor of a two state solution and called it the “only solution.”  Of course, Biden was speaking in front of an Israeli lobby group, J Street, who are in favor of a two-state solution.  One could say that he was just giving the crowd what they wanted to hear but it carries some weight because he’s the 2nd ranking politician in America.     The reason that some in Israel favor a two state solution is that they dislike a one state solution.  They think the Palestinian population could one day outnumber the Israeli population and that could lead to a voting problem.  They think it’s better to give up part of the country now, rather than all of it later.     Yet, Netanyahu will never go for it because the Palestinians won’t let go of the demand for Jerusalem to be split into East and West.  That’s just non-negotiable.  Another reason is that a two-state solution would give the Palestinians, who vow in their constitution to annihilate Israel, sovereign right to import weapons and build a military.    The dilemma boils down to the fact that ‘neither solution’ is good, for Israel, so Netanyahu is forced to stay with ‘no-solution’ and that’s stirring more hatred towards Israel because the Palestinians are in a bad situation.  Now, people are beginning to call attention to it, so the hatred will grow more-and-more, just like verse 28 and 30 indicate.   The same old libel        Israel Hayom – April 8, 2016 Quotes: The [Herodian] tunnel, which does not run beneath the Temple Mount, is portrayed as an excavation that endangers the mosques and could bring them down. The images in the film are accompanied by a threatening melody, biased analysis, and incitement by Sheikh Salah. The film was apparently produced by associates of Hamas and the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement. Just like it did ahead of Sukkot in October 2015, Hamas is calling on Palestinians and Israeli Arabs to join forces around Al-Aqsa  to "protect it from a mass invasion."     Like the arch, there will probably be a ceremony so people can stand around and cheer as the monument is unveiled.  It’s interesting to me that the infamous arch that adorned the entrance to the Temple of Bel, a pagan god with ancient Babylonian roots, was recreated in the name of ‘unity and goodness’.  That’s because it was promoted as an act of ‘recreating’ what ISIS had destroyed, so it was seen as an act of ‘defeating ISIS’, which everyone could unify around and enjoy.  As I’ve said before, Satan is sneaky but don’t worry; God has him snared by the nose.     It’s also interesting that the replica was a “two-thirds scale”, which happened to measure 5.5 m. or 18 feet.  The height had to be a coincidence but the scale is suspiciously 66.6% of the original.  And where have we seen those numbers before?  666/18 = “37” (man’s number)   No accident.    Historically speaking, Bel was one of the many names for Marduk, the patron god of Babylon, which was created by the 1st Babylonian Empire, in the “Enuma Elish”, which was a tall-tale on 7 clay tablets, meant to replace the ancient Sumerian mythology of the time.  The name ‘Bel’ just meant ‘lord’, which was adopted by many Canaanite tribes (w/spelling ‘baal’), and came to refer to many different gods, over time.  Nevertheless, I think Babylon is called the ‘mother of prostitutes’ in Revelation 17 because Marduk was the ‘1st false god’, who was concocted from a so-called ‘creation story’, rather than being one of God’s creations, such as the sun, moon, water, fire, etc.  Those were bad enough but the Babylonians made Marduk out to be a ‘god above other gods’.     For that reason, I also think that Marduk is the “foreign god”, in Daniel 11:39, which the ‘post- rapture’ empire (with ‘ten-heads’ in Revelation 13 and Daniel 7) “honors with gold and silver” rather than the “gods of his fathers”. (Dan. 11:37-39)  In other words, Marduk will become the patron god of the ‘final empire’, after the rapture, when the antichrist declares himself above God.  So who’s attacking ... and who’s setting up?    I think now that the two can be different.  Notice, in the verse, that “his” armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress (Western Wall) but “they” set up the abomination that causes desolation.  I’ve come to realize that these two can be different entirely. (Pronouns are vague.)    I still think the most likely group to desecrate the Western Wall would be ISIS or a group associated with ISIS, or perhaps a lone-wolf terrorist with ISIS, because they are known to want to destroy religious monuments, and it’s kinda their own prophecy to do so. (above section)   On the other hand, the Palestinians might do something to the Western Wall as revenge for the current Temple Mount activity, which they see as Israel invading the Al Aqsa compound to pray.  In any event, I think “they”, in the verse, is the Israeli government and the Palestinians, or other Sunni Arabs, who will “set up” the abomination as a gesture of ‘peace’, after the attack.     Therefore, several days or so could pass, between the ‘armed uprising’ (first sentence) and the ‘abomination’, in the second sentence.  After all, it takes a ‘while’ to organize such an event.  Yet, I think that being in the same verse means that the abomination will be a direct result of the armed uprising and desecration.  Appropriately, that is what current technology is being used for: to repair history and unite communities ‘against destruction’.  Yet, ironically, that’s exactly what they will bring upon themselves because Paul said, “While people are saying, ‘Peace and safety,’ destruction will come on them suddenly ...” (1 Thess 5:3)  Timing of the Rapture - from Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation    It will be sudden because the ‘gathering in the sky’ (rapture), in Matthew 24: 29-31, will happen right after the abomination is set up.  Personally, I think it will be immediately because the rapture will happen during the “trumpet call of God” (1 Thess 5:16) and then there will be a “half-hour of silence” (Rev. 8:1) before the angels “sound their trumpets” to start God’s wrath on earth.    Note: The ‘Trumpet call of God’ is different from the so-called ‘trumpet-plagues’ in Revelation 8.  In all practicality, they would have to be about “half-hour” different from the 6th Seal rapture   During that half hour, two groups are described in Revelation 7, which are the same two groups in Matthew 24, at the abomination and rapture.  One group gets ‘gathered’ and appears in heaven before the Lamb (gentiles), while the other (which is at least 144,000 Jews) get ‘sealed’ by God but remain on earth, only to get martyred 1335 days later (Daniel 12:12), which is symbolized in Revelation 14:20 and 15:2-3. (It takes time to consider.)  The same 144,000 are designated as ‘priests’, in Revelation 20:4-6, but there is no evidence that anyone else, who misses the rapture,  gets accepted into heaven.  I’m not saying that to be mean; I’m just trying to make people aware that devotion to Jesus is necessary before the abomination, so don’t wait.  Besides, fatal accidents happen everyday so a person must be prepared; God will know who is sincere and who is not.  Anyway, I suspect the 144,000 Jews to be among those wise enough to know that the abomination was a mistake and run immediately for the mountains, as Jesus told them to do. (Matt. 24:15-21) The half-hour of silence in the 7th Seal (between the rapture & wrath) will give those time to run. Location of the abomination   I no longer think the abomination has to be on the Temple Mount, although it could be, because the Temple Mount is larger than most people think.  Just the same, according to Jesus, the abomination will be “standing in the holy place” (Matt. 24:15), which could technically be anywhere in “Jerusalem”.    Yet, according to Daniel 9:27, we also know that it will be set on a “wing [of the Temple]”. (Note: Most translations don’t have the word ‘temple’ here but the NIV does [with brackets].)  Anyway, it makes more sense to me that the “holy place” has something to do with “Jesus”, rather than the Jewish nation, as a whole.  Granted, Jesus taught in the Temple, on occasion, but He wasn’t exactly welcomed there, by the priests.  Therefore, it makes more sense, to me, that a “wing” be set off to one side, like the wing of a bird-in-flight.  Therefore, the location that looks most likely, on a map, and because it has space, would be the Mount of Olives, on the east side, which is where Jesus went on many occasion.  (Plus, olive branches represent ‘peace’.)    It really depends on ‘what’ the abomination is, as to where they can put it, because it took two trucks, and at least three people, to set up the ‘Arch of Triumph’ in Trafalgar Square. (see video)  Yet, they could probably accomplish that on any open square, park, or even on the Temple Mount.  The only way to know for sure is to wait and see what happens.  Extra info: The “confirmation of a covenant” in Daniel 9:27 Daniel 9:27 “He will confirm a covenant with many for one 'seven.' In the middle of the 'seven'  he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on a wing [of the temple] he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.”  Introduction    I’m aware that changing my idea for the ‘players’, in the second part of Daniel 11:31, affects my view of Daniel 9:27, because both verses contain the same ‘abomination that causes desolation’.  However, I’ve already checked and there was indeed a ‘confirmation of a covenant’ between the Israelis and Palestinians, in the form of a ‘cease-fire’, which is technically a promise or ‘covenant’.     Note: That doesn’t change the fact that Iran and the Shiites are the ‘final empire’ in Daniel 11, starting with verse 21, or that the “iron and clay”, in Daniel 2, is still Iran and Russia, which is confirmed by the 1st two beasts in Daniel 7.  I’m just saying that the ‘confirmation of a covenant’, in Daniel 9:27, may not be between the ‘iron and clay’; it’s between two other parties. (see below)  Anyway, the new ‘confirmation’ still puts the ‘middle’ in 2016, which is Iran’s 37th anniversary, which is on God’s “timeline of 37’s”, so the basic timing stayed the same.  Explanation    Historically speaking, Hamas came to power in Gaza, after the Parliamentary elections in January 2006, forming a cabinet and beginning their rule on March 20, 2006 (coincidently 10 years from Persian New Year-2016).  Anyway, the change was partially facilitated by Israel’s complete withdrawal from Gaza, proposed by Ariel Sharron in 2003, and completed on September 12, 2005.   After Hamas’ victory in Gaza, conflicts arose with Fatah, who was still governing the West Bank.  Conflicts also arose with Israel, eventually leading to an invasion from December 27, 2008, to January 18, 2009, called Operation Cast Lead.  After inflicting sufficient damage to Gaza, for about 3 weeks, Israel declared a ‘unilateral cease-fire’ and pulled out again.     The ‘confirmation’ came years later, after another war with Gaza, which lasted 8 days, called Operation Pillar of Defense.  This time, the cease-fire was confirmed by a formal agreement on November 21, 2012.  It’s interesting to me that 3.5 years from that date is almost exactly on Israel’s anniversary, May 25, 2016, which is in God’s “timeline of 37’s”.  Of course, that would just be a start to the middle because the middle of a seven-year period cannot be just a few days.    To be complete, there was another invasion by Israel, in 2014, called Operation Protective Edge, where Israel was forced to destroy many tunnels that were dug under the border.  That operation lasted 7 weeks, from July 8 to Aug. 26, 2014, but ended without a cease-fire agreement.  In fact, both sides accused the other of starting the confrontation and breaking the cease-fire agreement from Nov-2012   Well, this theory for the ‘middle of the 70th Seven’ (and the rapture) is at least a possibility, especially with 2016 being on God’s timeline of 37’s.  Yet, the only way to tell for sure is to ‘watch the signs’ in Daniel 11, to see if they match the ‘timing of Daniel 9’, because they must. Part 2: Daniel 11:31  His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation. Introduction   As I’ve said many times, Biblical ‘end times’ get clearer as we get closer to it.  In my opinion, events are aligning that make it even easier to see, not only what’s happening, but ‘how’.  Technology has been introduced that can re-create objects of historic significance and place them in various places, using a portable crane and personnel-lift.  That’s what they used for the recent setting up of the “Palmyra Arch of Triumph” in London’s Trafalgar Square, on April 19-21, 2016.   I’m not saying that the ‘abomination that causes desolation’ will be this exact arch (although it could be), but it will be something recreated and “set-up” in the name ‘peace and harmony’, which God finds to be an ‘abomination’. (1Th.5:3)   Therefore, I no longer think that the abomination has to be set up during the uprising but rather it could come afterwards, with full acceptance of the Israeli government, because it will be done in the name of ‘peace’, and the monument will be a ‘temporary exhibit’.  They just don’t know how temporary.
Video of 1st two pieces being “set-up” – April 18, 2016  (3:18m) Netanyahu: Saudi Arabia sees Israel as an ally Press TV [Iran] – January 23, 2016 Quotes: Netanyahu also said "there is a great shift taking place" in the Saudi-led policy toward the Palestinian issue, citing Israel's "relationships" with unknown Arab states. "By nurturing these relationships that are taking place now with the Arab world, that could actually help us resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and we’re actually working towards that end,” [Netanyahu] said.    This article quotes Netanyahu and shows how Israel could very well accept a 3-D printed ‘temporary’ monument, from the Sunni, because Saudi Arabia is supposedly helping Israel with the Palestinians. (right)   Well, the 3-D printed arch is just part of a project shared by Harvard, Oxford, and the Dubai Museum of the Future.  Note: Dubai, UAE, is in the GCC (with Saudi Arabia) so they could actually help with the event.  Support from the news: Related page: Salvation to Maturity (a simple guide) The French are taking the lead on a two-state solution    On April 21, 2016, French Foreign Minister, Ayrault said, “There is no other solution to the conflict than establishing two states — one Israeli and the other Palestinian — living side by side in peace and safety [based on the 1967 borders], with Jerusalem as a shared capital.”     Since then, there has been a flurry of activity, in May, with the French President, Hollande, organizing a conference that is supposed to take place May 30, 2016.  According to Al-Monitor, representatives from Israel and Palestine are not invited because Hollande doesn’t want Israel to shoot down the proposal before it starts.  The conference is supposed to set the stage for more talks this summer where the two sides will be invited.  In the same article, Hollande is said to be determined to advance towards a two state solution.  America is keeping their distance, for now, by proposing to send a lower level representative, perhaps the ambassador to France, but they are not voicing any opposition either.     The so-called ‘French initiative’ is causing a stir in Israel, especially after Maj Gen Golan, of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), voiced opposition to Netanyahu’s ideas, on May 4, 2016 Since then, cracks between Netanyahu and the IDF have been getting wider because many in the IDF don’t think that a military solution is sustainable in the long term.     All of this is happening just as the Bible says because everyone is talking about “peace and safety”. (1 Thess. 5:3)  The problem is that the Jews don’t believe that Jesus was the Messiah.  Can 3D printing save history?      Tech radar – May 6, 2016 Quote: If they knock it down, we have the technology to rebuild it – and quickly. "A machine in one or two hours gives you a perfect reconstruction of an object … before it would take weeks and weeks," Francesco Bandarin, assistant director- general for culture at UNESCO, told the Wall Street Journal.    This article illustrates how fast things could happen, especially if the right political pieces were already in place.   Updated: 5-21-2016