Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.  Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. © Copyright 2010 - 2018   All rights reserved. The ‘Abomination that causes Desolation’ (Final event before the Rapture)   The current riots in Israel have a good chance to develop into the ‘uprising’ in Daniel 11:31, which immediately precedes the ‘abomination that causes desolation’ and the rapture. Introduction   As simply as I can put it, the abomination that causes desolation is the last sign before the rapture because that’s what Jesus said to watch for in Matthew 24:15.  Jesus instructs Judea to flee to the mountains when they see the abomination, not stopping for anything, indicating that the rapture will happen very quickly, causing unequaled distress to man-kind. (Matt 24:21)  That coincides with the earthquake of the 6th Seal, which is the rapture in Revelation.  I believe that earthquake causes a tsunami, which makes people, in Judea, flee to the mountains, whether they recognize the abomination or not.  Notice that the signs in Matthew 24:29 (which happen in conjunction with the rapture or gathering in the sky) match the 6th Seal, except for the earthquake, which is accounted for by the running to the mountains.    The 6th Seal in Revelation 6 produces two groups in Revelation 7: the 144,000 Israelites who stay on earth during the Trumpet plagues, and the Christians who arrive immediately in heaven.  If there are two separate groups in Revelation 7, then there must be two separate groups in Matthew 24:15-31.  (I explain the scriptures in detail on a new video, and they are also illustrated on the Matthew 24 page.)  Basically, post-tribs insist that Matthew 24 is all one group, but in doing so, they ignore the two groups in Revelation, and stack the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls on top of one another, which is clearly wrong to do.  Post-tribs are essentially false prophets because they change God’s prophecy in Revelation, and overlapping inevitably leaves some things out, which is forbidden by God. (Rev 22:19)  Stacking the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls is especially dangerous, because in doing so, post-tribs put the antichrist and mark of the beast (from Rev 13) before the rapture, so people can be looking for the wrong signs, thus become complacent and procrastinate before accepting Jesus, which can be a fatal mistake.    In actuality, the rapture is immediately after the ‘abomination’, which Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24:15, and is detailed in the Book of Daniel.  The abomination is mentioned in four chapters of Daniel (8, 9, 11, 12), but the most detailed list of events, both before and after the abomination, is in Daniel 11.  Of course, Daniel 11 was the only chapter in the Bible that was specifically ‘sealed until the time of the end’. (Dan 12:4)  Yet, God has now revealed the correct meaning, which aligns with current events and shows that verse 31 (the abomination) is the next verse to take place.    Below is a quick summary of the last 100-years of Daniel 11, to show how things got closer towards ‘end times’, which is what you would expect from a chapter that was ‘sealed until the time of the end’.  [see ‘Condensed Commentary’ for a complete summary]  There have only been two previous interpretations of Daniel 11, but they were clearly wrong. [see also video] Summary Daniel 11:19 – (1919) WWI ended the Ottoman Empire’s reign in the Middle East. Daniel 11:20 – (1919-1948) British Mandate governed while oil became valuable and       Israel was established. Daniel 11:21 – (1979) Islamic Revolution in Iran re-established the Shiites as a regional power.  Daniel 11:22 – (2003) US defeated Saddam Hussein, Iran’s closest enemy.  Daniel 11:22 – (2011) US pulled all troops out of Iraq, as directed by an earlier deal. Daniel 11:22 – (Sept 2013) US did not fire missiles at Assad but opted to let Russia       dismantle chemical weapons instead. Daniel 11:23 – (Nov 2013) Interim nuclear deal, a historic agreement, was signed with Iran.  Daniel 11:24 – (June 2014) ISIS invaded northern Iraq and declared a caliphate. Daniel 11:25 – (March 2015) Saudi Arabia declared war on Yemen because they said       Iran was involved, and the Houthis were winning the civil war. Daniel 11:26 – (July 2016) Attempted coup in Turkey turned Erdogan away from Saudi Arabia       and more towards Russia, Iran, and Assad.  Daniel 11:27 – (Sept 2016) G20 summit: Despite accusations, Erdogan still sat with                       Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, from Saudi Arabia. Daniel 11:28 – (Sept 2016) UN General Assembly: Rouhani complained to the P5+1 that       America wasn’t holding up their end of the nuclear deal, which got much of       Iran’s frozen wealth returned. Daniel 11:29 – (Sept 2016) Houthis began a new offensive into southern Saudi Arabia. Daniel 11:30 - (Oct 2016) US Navy fired 3 missiles and destroyed Houthi radar sites on       the Red Sea coast.  After that, the Houthis lost ground and even pursued       a peace settlement, for a while, but the Saudis wouldn’t compromise. Daniel 11:30 - (Dec 2016) UN approved resolution 2334 that condemned Israeli settlements,       and demanded that all building stop.  On the same day, the UN funded a       ‘blacklist’ to help the BDS boycott.  In Dec 2017, the UN voted 128-9 to       condemn Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, thus       “forsaking the holy covenant.”   I think verse 30 has been satisfied.         *Current events show that we are closer to verse 31 than ever before. 
Other pages of interest:  Daniel 11 Explained (condensed ‘one page’ commentary) ‘Matthew 24’ Explained (must match Revelation) The ‘Seals’ Explained (Revelation’s timeline revealed) Seven Churches Explained (Past & Present Church Prophecy) See Sitemap for complete listing (by category). Home (timelines and summary) Salvation to Maturity (a simple guide)  It’s easy to see that a lot happened in 2016, which is not surprising since 2016 is on God’s timeline of 37’s, which serves as proof to God’s riddle of 666. Daniel 11 Explained (condensed commentary)    Recent events in Mosul (ancient Nineveh) show that ISIS would probably love to desecrate the Western Wall because people pray to it like an idol.     First of all, that sounds eerily similar to Luke 21:20, which says, “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near.”  Plus, ISIS is reported to already have a group in Sinai, south of Israel. (more below)    I learned where the propaganda came from when I caught a brief explanation from Paul Cruickshank, another author and terrorism analyst, who was commenting on another recent ISIS video. (right) He says, “The founder, Zarqawi, said that after they built up the group in Iraq, in the region, that they would want to destroy Israel.”     I learned the ISIS plans for the apocalypse from Graeme Wood, a political science lecturer at Yale and author of a recent article in The Atlantic, who made a statement on CNN’s Fareed Zarkaria, February 22, 2015, about 18 minutes into the show. (right)     He said, “ISIS believes that it’s foretold that the armies of Islam will eventually rally around Jerusalem, after being defeated, actually. So they believe, after conquering a large area of land, they will be reduced to a core of 5000 fighters around Jerusalem.” 
CNN  02-22-2015 / length = 1:11 CNN  3-11-2015 / length = 20 sec. Part B:  ISIS propaganda concerning Israel    ISIS is not necessarily the North or the South but they fulfilled Daniel 11:24.  They are losing ground in the Middle East but they are also relocating to other places such as Libya and the Sinai peninsula.  Their own prophecy states that they would like to attack Israel so they are certainly a possibility to desecrate the Western Wall.  ISIS ISIS leader taunts US, Saudi-led coalition in latest audio message Fox News [USA] – December 27, 2015 Quote:  [al-Baghdadi] also threatened Israel saying: we haven't forgotten you" and "we are getting closer to you" every day.  To Israeli Jews, he said that they "will hide behind trees and stones" from the ISIS.   The leader of ISIS, al-Baghdadi, once reminded everyone that they “haven’t forgotten Israel.”     Note: They even mention “stones”, which could be a vague reference to the Western Wall because they are known to deface or destroy ancient religious monuments.  Islamic State aims to destroy Israel, ‘liberate’ Jerusalem with Sinai Peninsula terrorist force Washington Times – May 22, 2016 Quote: With a media blitz, the Islamic State has set its sights on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula as the next shot at expanding its empire and establishing a base from which to attack neighboring Israel. Islamic State propaganda promises recruits that they will one day “liberate” Jerusalem and end the state of Israel, according to analysis by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which tracks jihadi communications. IDF warns of escalating pressure in Gaza         Al-Monitor [independent] – June 1, 2016 Quote: According to an Israeli security source, data that has reached the West indicate that the Egyptian army is losing between 20 to 50 soldiers a week in a non-stop war against some 600 to 1,000 IS fighters. The Egyptians’ problems are as follows: the fighting is occurring over a very large, isolated and mountainous area; IS possesses advanced combat weaponry; and IS fighters are not afraid of dying due to their religious, messianic zealotry.  Hamas observes this struggle with mixed feelings. On the one hand, Egypt is a bitter enemy, but on the other, an IS takeover of Sinai could spill over into the Gaza Strip. ISIS in N. Sinai   These clips say it all because ISIS is really building up in the Sinai Peninsula.   Islamic State 'destroys ancient Iraq statues in Mosul' BBC [UK] – February 26, 2015  (includes video = 3:01) Quote:  One of the militants in the video describes the artefacts as "false idols" and seeks to justify their destruction in religious terms. What’s ISIS’s next move?    July 10, 2017 - Iraq declared victory in Mosul, exactly 37 months after ISIS invaded.  (June 10, 2014)  The number “37” is related to the number “666” and God’s timeline of 37’s.   November 21, 2017 – Iran’s President Rouhani made an official declaration that ISIS’s caliphate in Iraq and Syria had been defeated, exactly 1260-days (half-a-seven) after the invasion of Mosul (June 10, 2014). [see calculation]   December 9, 2017 - Iraq’s President Abadi declared victory over ISIS in all of Iraq, 3.5 years  after the invasion of Mosul.  Note: it would have been exact, except 2016 was a leap-year and added an extra day, which didn’t matter in the other two calculations.    That’s a triple confirmation regarding Shiite victories, after the invasion of Mosul.  That’s significant, especially since ISIS’s invasion of Mosul was the event that really kicked things off in the Middle East, and fulfilled Daniel 11:24.  The invasion of Mosul was the primary event that allowed Iran to get a military foothold in Iraq, which gave them better access to Syria, securing their position as ‘king of the north’ in Daniel 11.  That’s why I think the unification of the Shiites, after the Mosul invasion, was the beginning of the 70th Seven, and we are now in the ‘middle’.    Note: If ISIS was paying attention to their own prophecies (explained in above videos), they might feel the need to enact plan B, which is to attack Israel.  I admit it won’t be easy but if a group such as ISIS had enough motivation, they might find a way.    November 24, 2017 - A group of 25-30 suspected ISIS members attacked a Sufi mosque in North Sinai, killing 305 people, including 27 children.  Sufi Muslims are most notably linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, which are considered heretics by ISIS (and terrorists by Saudi Arabia and Egypt).     Note: If ISIS would do that to Muslims, imagine what they would do at the Western Wall (if they got the chance).   - Updated: 12-12-2017 Related pages: The Seals Explained  Revelation’s timeline    (without contradictions)   Matthew 24 Explained (must match Revelation) ‘Rapture Timing Video’ -created: 2-16-2018  (33 minutes)   This video explains why the abomination and rapture is likely to happen before June 30, 2018.  In general, I’m against picking dates for the rapture, which I’m not trying to do, but I can’t deny the clues in the Bible that God has shown me.  I feel obligated to share the facts with others, and let people make up their own mind.  After all, the rapture is not an occasion to fear or dread, if you know Jesus; it’s an occasion to anticipate and hope.  Please note: I don’t use astronomy or numerology, like others have done; I use the Bible.  This video covers things such as the multiple 70-year periods in the Bible, God’s repeated use of His appointed feasts, the 2300-day tribulation period, and how it all fits together.  The information is also written on a separate page of this website. 
  If you like the points in the video, please go to the Facebook page, and ‘share’ it with your friends. (posted on 2-16-2018)  Or, you can go to the You-tube video and share it, embed it, or e-mail it from there.  Thank you for spreading the good news.  Updated: 5-16-2018 Possible Rapture Timing   It’s just uncanny how everything is building around the 70th anniversary of Israel, which is about half-way between Passover and the 17th of Tammuz (God’s appearance on Mt Sinai), which is the timeframe that I mentioned in the video below.  March 30 - Passover April 1st - Easter June 30  17th of Tammuz May 10  Ascension Day May 20 Pentecost May 8 - Trump exited the nuclear agreement May 10 - 1st direct engagement between Iran & Israel May 14 - 70th anniversary / US embassy moving day / deadliest day since 2014 Gaza War May 16 - start of Ramadan  Anniversary of God’s appearance on Mt. Sinai approx. 40-days approx. 40-days 10-days *Drawn to scale Daniel 11:31  His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation.   Notice that there are two sentences in verse 31, but they will likely happen very close together.  In the first, someone’s armed forces will rise up to “desecrate the temple fortress”, which is the Western Wall.  That is fairly obvious because a ‘wall’ is part of a ‘fortress’ and the Jews pray there ‘daily’, which is the “daily sacrifice.”  Therefore, if it was “desecrated”, chances are the prayer would stop temporarily, until the desecration could be fixed, so that would “abolish the daily sacrifice.”  Thus, the events of the first sentence could happen at the same time.  I assume that “they,” in the 2nd sentence, are the same ‘armed forces’ that rise up, so the abomination could be set up at the same time also.  Theoretically, there could be a small gap in time, between the two sentences, but chances are they happen together, so be ready   The most likely ‘armed forces’ would be someone connected to the Palestinian Hamas, because of their proximity, but it could vary because it doesn’t have to be an all-out war.  It could be a small group that stages an uprising as a terrorist’s attack.  It could also be some type of ‘first strike’ in the grand scheme of things because Israel and Iran are very close to war.  Of course, Iran is the ‘king of the north’, starting in Daniel 11:21, so it makes sense that the abomination would have something to do with them.  Yet, Hamas is their ally, along with Hezbollah, so I think their participation would qualify as part-of-the-north, so there are multiple possibilities.    Part B, below, explains how ISIS is another possibility, because they are still active in the Sinai Peninsula, but Part A is the most likely scenario. Part A: The Palestinians and Iran Introduction and summary   To make a long story short, no one knows exactly what the abomination is because the Bible doesn’t say.  By definition, an ‘abomination’ is something ‘hated by God’.  It will cause ‘desolation’ because the 6th Seal will be broken, which includes a “great earthquake” that causes a tsunami to head towards Israel, just as Christians are raptured to meet Jesus in the sky.  Therefore, the abomination will be a good thing for Christians because they will proceed to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, in heaven, but it will be a terrible time for everyone else because the ‘tribulation’ (Trumpet and Bowl plagues) will take place on earth.    During that time, the antichrist will be revealed, most likely from Iran, and he will start gaining more power, but the two witnesses will also appear, in Jerusalem, and they will protect Israel while they are prophesying for 1260-days.  Near the end of that, the antichrist and the armies of the beast will invade Israel, during the 6th Trumpet war, at which time the two witnesses will be killed.  That will pave the way for the false prophet to enact the ‘mark of the beast’, in Israel, but the 144,000 who received God’s seal in Rev 7 will not be fooled.  Thus, they will refuse the mark, causing them to be martyred, as noted in Rev 14.  As a result, they become ‘priests’ during the 1000-years, as noted in Rev 20.  Unfortunately, there is no indication, in Revelation, that any gentiles get a 2nd chance, after the rapture, so be ready   Like I said, the abomination is just something hated by God, so it could be something simple but symbolic, such as a flag, which symbolizes conquest.  Of course, God allowed the Israelites to unify Jerusalem, in 1967, in a miraculous 6-day war, like the 6-days of creation.  If the opposing ‘armed forces’ arose to set up a flag, symbolizing the splitting of Jerusalem, even for a brief time, it could be considered an abomination to God, which could trigger the chain of events to follow.  To illustrate how we could be close to something like that happening, the Palestinians actually tried to set up a flag above the Al Aqsa mosque, on the Temple Mount, during the riots of July 27, 2017, but they were unsuccessful.  Yet, if they tried once, they could try again, but only when God is ready will they be successful.  Condensed & re-written: 5-08-2018 Current Events 1. Trump and Jerusalem   A major turning point took place on December 6, 2017, when Trump declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  The idea may seem like a no-brainer, but it was a very big deal to the Palestinians because they want East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state (if they ever get one).  Riots began the very next day, on December 7, 2017, and have continued on a weekly basis, some more severe than others, ever since.  One interesting coincidence is that the riots began almost exactly 30-years from the start of the 1st intifada  (12-9-1987).  Some Palestinian leaders have called for another intifada, which means ‘uprising’, exactly what Daniel 11:31 calls for, but it hasn’t come to that … yet.    I think the declaration and subsequent riots are significant to end times because of their timing in the ‘middle of the 70th Seven.  The declaration came just as three other indicators signified that the 70th Seven had started about 3.5 years before.  Of course, the middle of a seven-year period cannot be pinpointed to just one-day.  I think the ‘middle’ started about the same time that the riots started, and they will continue until the abomination is set up and the rapture takes place, which could be very close, particularly because 2018 is the 70th  anniversary of Israel and there are three other 70-year periods in Biblical Jewish history.     December 17, 2017 - US officials clarified their position when they declared that the Western Wall will definitely be part of Israel, in any final-boundary negotiation, giving the Arabs even more incentive to “desecrate it,” as Daniel 11:31 stipulates.  It’s also interesting that the riots are resulting from Trump’s peace negotiations because Paul said, “While people are saying ‘peace and safety’, destruction will come on them suddenly.” (1 Thess. 5:3)      December 21, 2017 - The UN General Assembly voted 128-9 to condemn Trump’s declaration that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel.  The vote was largely symbolic because it carries no action, but I think it was significant because it completed Daniel 11:30, which concludes by saying, “He will show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant.”  Of course, the ‘holy covenant’ is Israel’s possession of Palestine, especially Jerusalem.  The PLO followed suit, on January 15, 2018, by passing a mandate (74-2) to suspend recognition of Israel, essentially ending the Oslo peace accords.  2. Palestinian Unrest   February 24, 2018 - The US officially announced that they would move their embassy to Jerusalem, during Israel’s 70th anniversary celebration, on May 14th, which further angered the Palestinians.      March 30, 2018 - The Palestinians set up tents, in five areas along the border with Israel, and began their “March of Return” protests, to emphasize that UN Resolution 194 (1948)  granted them the right to return to their lands, which never happened.  They picked March 30th, which also happened to be Passover, because it was Land Day, which commemorates Israel’s expropriation of thousands of acres of land, in 1976, for settlements and security purposes.  They have been holding the protests every Friday and plan to continue until May 15th (one day after Israel’s anniv.), which they call Nabka, or “Catastrophe Day.”   As of May 4, 2018, at least 43 Palestinians have been killed in the protests, for getting too close to the fence.    There are two more factors that are contributing to the Palestinian unrest.  One factor is that the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has reported that Trump cut the US aid to just $60 million, from the promised $365 million.  A few countries stepped up their contributions, but the UN is still about $200 million short, which means they could run short in June, if more countries don’t respond with donations.  The situation might be different if Israel didn’t maintain a blockade on Gaza’s borders, but as it is now, they can’t import or export, to support themselves.  It’s interesting to me that the US gives Israel $3 billion/year for weapons, but Trump won’t fulfill a promise to the Palestinians for a tenth of that, for food and electricity.  As the living conditions get worse in Gaza, the chance for unrest grows.    Another factor that could spur the start of Daniel 11:31 is the growing vandalism in the West Bank by right-wing Jews.  A group calling themselves “price tag” has been spray- painting graffiti on cars and buildings and cutting tires.  They have also set fire to some cars and the door to one mosque.  The Coalition against Racism has said that the police are “apparently not taking it seriously” because no arrests have been reported.  They added that the lack of action has led to incidents in Arab neighborhoods inside Israel.  Daniel 11:31 starts with the “desecration” of the Western Wall, as the armed forces rise up, which could be some sort of graffiti, in retaliation for the vandalism in the West Bank.  That may not be the only reason for the uprising, but it could be one reason for the desecration.  Plus, the PLO just declared (May 4th) that the interim peace agreements with Israel are null and void 3. Escalation of hostilities between Israel and Iran   As I indicated above, Iran is the ‘king of the north’, starting in Daniel 11:21, which continues for the rest of the chapter.  Therefore, Iran’s spreading into the Middle East (Iraq and Syria) was expected because control of ancient Mesopotamia is the common denominator of all the previous ‘kings of the north’, in Daniel 11.  Iran’s influence in the Middle East was aided, first, by America’s elimination of Saddam Hussein in Daniel 11:22, which allowed for the election of a Shiite president in Iraq.  Next, the war against Assad and the invasion of Mosul by ISIS, in Daniel 11:24, allowed Iran to move militarily into those countries, in the form of Shia militias, with Russian air support.  The increased involvement of Russia was not surprising because I always said that the combination of Russia and Iran is the ‘kingdom of iron and clay’, in Daniel 2:40-43.  Their peak power is reached after the rapture, but both their actions are consistent with Biblical prophecy in general.  Iran is now in control of a swath across Mesopotamia, firmly designating them as the current ‘king of the north’, with Saudi Arabia being ‘king of the south’ and Israel being the ‘holy covenant’.   Since the start of the Syrian War, in 2011, Israel has bombed 100’s of shipments of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah.  Within the past year, Israel’s targets evolved from shipments on trucks to operational artillery, weapon depots, warehouses, factories and airbases, anywhere in Syria.  Tensions escalated on February 10, 2018, when Israel shot down an Iranian drone and proceeded to bomb the airbase from where it came, but one of Israel’s F-16’s was shot down.  It was the first such loss of an aircraft since their war with Hezbollah, in 2006.  Of course, Israel retaliated with their most severe attack on Syria  since 1982, and the ‘war of words’ between Iran and Israel got noticeably hotter.    April 9, 2018, Israel struck the T-4 airbase, east of Homs, killing seven Iranians It was the first such attack since February 10, and Israel expects Iran to retaliate   April 17, 2018 – Israel issued a stern warning to Iran, by publishing satellite images and a map of five Syrian air bases allegedly used by Iranian drones or cargo aircraft, along with the names of three Iranian officers suspected of commanding projects in Syria.  It was meant to deter Iran from revenging the deaths of seven Iranians who were killed on April 9th The next day, a senior advisor to Ayatollah Khamenei promised a response to the attack, but the reprisal is still pending.    April 29, 2018 – Syrian state TV reported that several military bases in the Hama and Aleppo countryside were hit by rockets, calling it a new “aggression” by its enemies The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that a warehouse for rockets was targeted and 26 people were killed, mostly Iranians and Iraqis.  Another source said that several command centers for the Iranian-backed militias were hit.  An opposition source said that a recruitment center for Iranian-backed militias, known as Brigade 47 near Hama city, was targeted.  The origin of the rockets was not immediately confirmed, but it definitely sounds like Israel.  The attack showed a new level of aggression against the Iranian-backed militias.   May 8, 2018 – Trump pulled the United States out of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1.  Just hours later, Israel launched another attack into Syria, south of Damascus, where 15 pro-government troops were reportedly killed, including 8 Iranians.    May 10, 2018 – About 20 rockets were fired into northern Israel, reportedly from the Iranian Quds Force, which is a division of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).  If true, it’s the first direct engagement between Iran and Israel.  Israel reported that 4 rockets were intercepted, and the rest fell short of their target.    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, confirmed that rockets were fired towards the occupied Golan, but said that the attack came after Israeli forces bombarded Baath, a town in the demilitarized zone.  A senior source in the pro- government alliance confirmed to AFP News that Israeli forces had fired first.    Israel responded with 70 missiles, but there is a discrepancy in the number of targets hit and people killed.  Israel says that 70 targets were hit, which included “almost all of the Iranian infrastructure in Syria.”  However, Russian and Syrian sources reported that over half of the 70 missiles were shot down.  The Syrian government said that 3 people were killed, but the Syrian Observatory claimed that 23 soldiers were killed.    Regardless of the discrepancies, it’s obvious that Israel inflicted the most damage and got the result they wanted.  Plus, they may have started the exchange, which wouldn’t be surprising, since they have bombed Syria many times.  What’s next?   It’s obvious that a frontal assault didn’t achieve the best results for Iran, which they should have known.  So, perhaps they will try something a little more sneaky, next time, such as the ‘desecration of the temple fortress’ (Western Wall), which will start Daniel 11:31.  Naturally, a ‘desecration’ would halt the prayer at the Wall, at least temporarily.  Then, the abomination (whatever that may be) could be set up very fast, so be ready because that’s when the 6th Seal rapture will take place and Christians will go to heaven.  I don’t know if that will be the absolute next event, but it will happen, eventually, because it’s in the Bible.    Jesus said, “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near.” (Luke 21:20)  Of course, Jesus was referring to the ‘abomination that causes desolation’, from Daniel 11:31, which is the next verse in the chronology of Daniel 11 With every development, we get closer to that glorious Day.  Unfortunately, it will be a terrible day for Israel, and the rest of the world, but it will be a great day for Christians because we will meet Jesus in the air.  [see Matt. 24 page or video: End Times Explained]   Note: I don’t mean that the rapture is likely in the middle of this timeline, but there is Biblical precedent for the last 40-days.  I mean, the 2nd Temple was completed on 3 Adar (12th month), which was about 40-days before Passover (14th of the 1st month). (Ezra 6:15)  However, I wouldn’t count on the rapture being exactly 40-days before June 30th, either, because the wall around Jerusalem was completed on 25 Elul (6th month), which was about 19-days before the Feast of Tabernacles (15th of the 7th month). (Nehemiah 6:15)  My point is: June 30th is 2300-days before the Feast of Tabernacles (2024), which is important because there are 2300-days between the ‘abomination’ and the ‘re-consecration of the sanctuary’. (Daniel 8:13-14)  Naturally, the sanctuary must be re-consecrated before the Feast of Tabernacles is celebrated, which happens after Armageddon. (Zech. 14:3-19)  Therefore, any length of time before June 30th would make the 2300th day the same amount before the Feast of Tabernacles (2024), to give the 144,000 priests more time to prepare, which is typical of Biblical precedents such as the 40-days or 19-days.  Updated: 5-17-2018 Tensions continue to escalate   May 13, 2018 – Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day, on Sunday, which commemorated the 51st anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification (lunar calendar).  The day was marked by violence on the Temple Mount, when over 1600 Jews visited the site, which set a record, since 1967.  It seems that the dispute centered around some Jews praying, which they are not allowed to do, under the status quo agreement.  It’s interesting to me that three Israeli youths raised a Jewish flag, on the Temple Mount, including the son of a lawmaker.  It’s also interesting how the accounts sound different from Haaretz, which says that a Palestinian youth was “slapped,” compared to the Palestine News Network, which claims that he was “brutally beaten,” along with a guard as well.  The PNN also had a different characterization of the Jewish “visitors,” saying they “broke into” the compound.  Note: The PNN also provided video of the scuffles.  It just goes to show how a story can change, depending on the source, but no matter which version is correct, it doesn’t change the fact that tensions are rising between the two sides.    May 14, 2018 – Israel marked their 70th anniversary of independence (solar calendar), with a ceremony to celebrate the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem.   Meanwhile, Palestinians in Gaza protested at various places on the border, where 60 people were killed for throwing rocks and getting too close to the fence.  It was the deadliest day of violence, since the 2014 Gaza War.  As a result, Israel received international condemnation from many countries, while Turkey and South Africa withdrew their ambassadors from Israel, and the Palestinian Authority withdrew their representative from Washington.    May 15, 2018 – The Palestinians commemorated Nabka Day, which means “catastrophe,” with more rioting, but it was not as violent as the previous day because many attended funerals and mourned instead.  Nevertheless, two more Palestinians were killed, bringing the total to 107, since March 30th.     Israel probably thinks they weathered the storm and the worst is over, but Paul prophesied, “While people are saying ‘peace and safety’, destruction will come on them suddenly.”  (1 Thess. 5:3)  There are two ways to consider that verse: First, the ‘peace talks’ with the Palestinians, which are going nowhere, or a ‘false sense of security’ from getting past the riots.  Either way, the destruction will come when people don’t expect it, so always be ready. Hate Crimes Continue   Hate crimes are continuing to happen on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  On May 16th, 2018, 400 grapevines were cut, near Hebron, and Hebrew graffiti warned, “We will reach every place.”  Prior that that, on May 14th, the tires of 20 cars were slashed, in East Jerusalem, and Hebrew graffiti was painted on walls and homes.  The incidents follow many attacks in April. (noted above)  On the flip side, in April, an Israeli settler had 150 grapevines cut.  In recent weeks, a pair of Israeli memorials in the West Bank were vandalized, and on May 14th, a Molotov cocktail was throw at a Jewish home in East Jerusalem.  The reason these incidents are applicable to Daniel 11:31 is that the “desecration of the temple fortress” (Western Wall) could be the ultimate hate crime, done out of revenge; the motivation is there. - Added: 5-17-2018