Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.  Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. © Copyright 2010 All rights reserved. The Abomination that causes Desolation Daniel 11:31  His armed forces will rise up to desecrate the temple fortress and will abolish the daily sacrifice. Then they will set up the abomination that causes desolation.      This is the same ‘abomination’ that Jesus referred to, in Matthew 24, preceding His appearance in the clouds to gather His elect.  Thus, it’s probably the most important verse in Daniel 11 but it’s not a sign to watch for.  That’s because the rapture happens almost immediately after the abomination (within a half hour), as explained in the Book of Revelation (see “Matthew 24”).      The ‘rapture’ will come as a ‘surprise’ because the ‘desecration’ and ‘abomination’ come as a ‘surprise’, as most terrorist’s attacks do.  However, since God ‘unsealed’ Daniel 11, Christians can watch the events unfold before it and know that the time is near, like the Parable of the Ten Virgins Unfortunately, half the people in that parable were not prepared, went back to town, and got shut out, even when they knew the time was near.  I hope that doesn’t happen to anyone reading this.  Paul said, “But you, brothers, are not in darkness that this day should surprise you like a thief.”   The Uprising       Prior to the abomination, there will be an ‘armed uprising’ that “desecrates the temple fortress” and “abolishes the daily sacrifice”.  Note: some people think that Israel has to build a third temple  and initiate animal sacrifices for this to happen but that’s not what it means.  A ‘temple fortress’ is not necessarily a ‘temple’.  On the contrary, I think it refers to the Western Wall because a ‘wall’ is part of a ‘fortress’, and it happens to be the holiest site in Judaism.  I think the ‘daily sacrifice’ is the fact that the Orthodox Jews pray there everyday, without fail.  One example of the importance of daily prayers was when the Israeli government refused to block the Wall, except for a short time, while Pope Benedict visited, in 2009.  When you think about it, the ‘uprising’ doesn’t have to be huge to accomplish what the verse says.  If someone can desecrate the Western Wall in such a way that stops the Jews from praying there, at least for a while, I think the verse would be satisfied.       Considering the Israeli military, you might think the Temple Mount would be impenetrable but it has a vulnerability, too.  Muslims call it the Holy Sanctuary because it contains the Dome of the Rock  and Al Aqsa Mosque.  After the war in 1967, Israel could have destroyed those monuments but instead, they gave administrative control to the Waqf, a Muslim charitable trust, supervised by the Palestinians.  Therefore, the Muslims have some degree of access to the Temple Mount, even though Israel can restrict access in times of trouble.   sitemap “Peace Talks” to the “Abomination” (Final events before the Rapture) (*continued from: “current events”.) Daniel 11: 29-30   At the appointed time he will invade the South again, but this time the outcome will be different from what it was before. (30) Ships of the western coastlands will oppose him, and he will lose heart. Then he will turn back and vent his fury against the holy covenant. He will return and show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant.     “The appointed time” will be controlled by God because the “abomination” will be near the ‘middle’ of the 70th seven, as noted in Daniel 9:27     Just before that, God will entice the Shiites to attack first but their invasion will be stopped because “ships of the western coastlands will oppose him” Note: The term “coastlands” was used in verse 18 when referring to the Mediterranean.  Therefore, it probably refers to NATO countries such as the United States, who just had ships in the Mediterranean who threatened Assad with cruse missiles, in Sept-2013, but never fired. (verse 22)  Yet, it makes perfect sense for them to return and try to enforce the ‘peace treaty’ from verse 27 (even if the two sides were lying to each other).       It was brought to my attention that this verse says that the North will attack “again”  but they did not attack the first time.  Can you imagine if Saudi Arabia or Egypt attacked the Shiites of Iran, Iraq, or Syria?  I think Iran would attack back.  Thus, “attack again” would be the correct terminology (except the attack will be stopped because of foreign ships.)       The show of force in the Mediterranean will cause the Shiites to “lose heart”  or ‘change their mind’.  Since this verse says nothing about “bloodshed” or “falling in battle”, there’s probably no actual warfare at this time.  However, in their frustration, the Shiites will “vent their fury against the holy covenant”.  On top of that, they will “show favor to those who forsake the holy covenant”.   
Post-Rapture (initial events) (Daniel 11: 32-35) Current Events (Daniel 11: 23-27) Wahabi-Zionist onslaught on humanity Press TV [Iranian] – January 30, 2014 Quote: The powerful military wings of Wahabism i.e. al-Qaeda and Talban were created and funded to bring about bigger political changes in the Muslim World.  Saudi grown wild animals have been butchering Shia Muslims, killing innocent children and women in the name of Islam. Wahabism patronizes Zionism. They are sister ideologies. One has control over petroleum and the other has control over banking. One has control over the place holiest for Muslims and the other has  control over the place equally holy for Muslims, Christians and Jews. One is loaded with throat cutting and flesh eating cannibal Jihadists, the other is loaded with thermal, chemical and atomic bombs. Daniel 11:28   The king of the North will return to his own country with great wealth, but his heart will be set against the holy covenant.  He will take action against it and then return to his own country.   Daniel 11:27   The two kings, with their hearts bent on evil, will sit at the same table and lie to each other, but to no avail, because an end will still come at the appointed time.      After the ‘South’ (Sunni) attack the ‘North’ (Shiite), in verses 25-26 (previous page), they get defeated, but afterwards; the two “sit at the same table and lie to each other”.  Obviously, that could mean none other than “peace talks”.  However, it must have sounded pretty strange to Daniel because, in ancient times, kings would not fight a bloody battle and then stop to talk.  They would usually kill or capture the opposing king and take their territory.  Even though it probably sounded strange to Daniel, it sounds perfectly normal to us because it was meant for our generation, not his. Syria crisis: Geneva peace talks end in recriminations BBC – January 31, 2014 Quotes: The Syrian government and opposition have traded insults after a week-long peace conference in Geneva ended with no firm agreement.   Though the gap between the two sides was "wide", they had become  used to sitting in the same room. Excluded Iran Says Its Role at Talks on Syria Will Be Missed  New York Times – January 21, 2014      The recent talks in Geneva, in Jan-2014, regarding the Syrian War, were not the correct talks for a couple of reasons: 1. they were out of order.  2. Iran, the leader of the North, wasn’t even invited.      However, the talks may have served a purpose because they got the two sides “used to sitting in the same room”.      Nevertheless, the correct peace talks will happen after the war in verse 25, which should be identifiable, and Iran will be a major part. 
    The ‘holy covenant’ is Israel’s possession of Jerusalem and Palestine, which Iran hates.      This verse is equally characteristic of ‘modern times’ because when has a ‘king’ ever defended against an attack from one party but been more angry at another?       Yet, that sounds exactly like Iran, concerning Israel, because they regularly group Saudi Arabia and Wahabism with Israel or the West, as shown in this article.      It’s particularly cringing to see them refer to the Temple Mount because that’s where the ‘abomination’ will be ‘set up’ in verse 31.      In other words, they will try to rally everyone against Israel’s possession of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which is already happening.     Reports suggest that the Palestinians are winning the ‘propaganda war’, so far (even in the Western media). Images of Gaza war shift perception of Israel Al Monitor [free media USA] – July 18, 2014 Quote: The fact remains that this is one of the rare instances of the Western media showing a darker side of Israelis that few have ever seen.   War is ugly and criminal by its nature, and the current one in Gaza is completely one-sided. Flare-up in Israeli-Palestinian violence: Why now? CNN – July 9, 2014 Quote:  Will this spark a 'third Intifada'?  That's a question being raised by some in the region as well as global media. The term refers to two previous armed uprisings by Palestinians against Israel. The first began in 1987 and ended in 1993 with the signing of the Oslo accords. The second lasted from 2000 to 2005. Hamas: Qassam Brigades yet to use full force Daily Star [Lebanon] – July 22, 2014 Quote: Calling for solidarity with Gaza … Popular marches rallied from mosques in the city of Sidon [Lebanon] to a sit-in held at the southern city’s Martyrs' Square. The protesters lifted Palestinian and Hamas flags  and cut-outs of Qassam Brigades rockets.      As of now, Israel has launched operation Protective Edge against the Palestinians, who are fighting back with rockets.  Muslim scholars have not yet referred to this as an ‘intifada’ but many think it will be.  Ironically, an ‘intifada’ is an ‘armed uprising’(It’s amazing how accurate the Bible can be after 2500 years.)  “His armed forces will rise up ... ” So ‘what’ is the ‘abomination’?  (Or should I say ‘when’?)     The ‘abomination’ is one of God’s little ‘mysteries’.  Jesus identified it as the ‘last sign before the rapture’ but the Bible never says exactly ‘what’ it is.  That’s because it doesn’t matter.  I mean: if you go to the Book of Daniel, like Jesus said, all the clues point to ‘when’ it is, not ‘what’ it is.  Apparently, that’s what God wanted us to know.      For example, three chapters in Daniel contain specific milestones surrounding the abomination that, when put together, form a timeline that matches Revelation.  I mean: Daniel contains references to the 1290, 1335, and 2300-days, not to mention the 70th Seven, in which the abomination lands in the ‘middle’.  Revelation contains many events that take place during or at 42-months (1260-days), matching the ‘last half’ of the 70th Seven. (Similarly, the ‘post-abomination’ verses in Daniel 11:32-45 match or compliment the ‘post-rapture’ chapters in Revelation 8-19.)  My point is: there’s only one way to connect the abomination, in all instances, so the timeline from Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation, all make sense together.  Thus, the abomination is critical to figuring out a ‘timeline of end times’ but the events ‘leading up to the abomination’ are far more important than the actual object.      Case in point: God’s Book of Truth, which was ‘sealed until the end’ (Daniel 11), contains a chronological list of events surrounding the abomination.  However, it contains nothing about ‘what’ it is.  Since the rapture happens so quickly, afterwards, it really doesn’t matter to those going to heaven.  It’s far more important to watch the events leading up to the abomination, which is a primary function of this website. What about a guess?     I’m not one to speculate but since there are so many conspiracy theories about what the abomination is and who will set it up, I will offer a logical answer based on my interpretation of Daniel and current events.  By definition, an ‘abomination’ is something ‘hated by God’.  From scripture, it has to be something that can be ‘set up’ on the ‘Temple Mount’ during an ‘armed uprising’.  Therefore, it must be fairly small.  Yet, it’s not the size of the object that’s important, but what it ‘represents’.      So what could a small object ‘represent’ that could be ‘hated by God’?  Since we know ‘where’ it occurs, it makes sense that it would involve Israel.  Perhaps it seeks to undermine one of God’s prophesies to Israel.  Well, God’s prophesy to Jeremiah was that Israel would become one nation again, in land of their forefathers, which happened in 1948.  Jerusalem was united in 1967, in a war that lasted only 6 days, much like creation, so it stands to reason that God had a hand in that, too.  One of Hamas’ main demands is that East Jerusalem be returned to the Palestinians but Israel says that will never happen.  Since the Temple Mount is located in East Jerusalem, it stands to reason that the ‘abomination’ could represent a ‘conquest’ of that area.  Although symbolic, I think the mere gesture of the Muslims taking East Jerusalem or the Temple Mount would be an ‘abomination’ to God.  The most likely ‘object’ for that scenario would be a simple ‘flag’.      To illustrate how plausible this theory is, consider the fact that a group in Lebanon spontaneously formed a ‘sit-in’ and raised ‘flags’ in solidarity to Gaza.      If these protests continue to spread to the West Bank and Jerusalem, then during an uprising, someone might find a way to raise a flag on the Temple Mount, in a symbolic gesture.  (That could be all it takes.) Conclusion:    Even though the ones ‘setting it up’ would be unaware of the significance, it would still be an ‘abomination’ to God.  The subsequent earthquake, during the 6th Seal and rapture, will ‘cause the desolation’.  Since terrorist attacks usually come as a ‘surprise’ and the culprits won’t even know what they’re doing, the rapture will be a surprise to everyone, just as the Bible says.  (Yet, those who watch the signs from Daniel 11 won’t be totally in the dark.)  Paul said, “But you, brothers, are not in darkness that this day should surprise you like a thief.” (1 Thess. 5:4) The “70th Seven” (possible rapture timing) Home Introduction/Timelines: Matthew 24 Explained (must match Revelation) The Seals Explained (Revelation’s timeline revealed) Other select pages: NEW: Daniel 11 Explained  (condensed ‘one page’ commentary) Partial timeline showing ‘abomination’ click to enlarge They cannot be the same (notice abomination).    Expect that to increase dramatically and that’s the fuel needed to spark the ‘uprising’ on the Temple Mount that results in the ‘abomination’.  However, it may be closer than you think. (see news below) Iran, Hezbollah break with Assad to support Hamas Al Monitor [Independent] – July 25, 2014 The current war in Gaza has witnessed renewed contact between Hamas on the one hand, and Iran and Hezbollah on the other, following two years of a chill in relations. A political official in Hamas confirmed to Al-Monitor that Khaled Meshaal, head of Hamas’ politburo, has recently received phone calls from Tehran  Another angle may help to improve the relations between Hamas and the axis of Iran and Hezbollah, which is Hamas’ tense relations with Egypt during the war. The Israeli aggression on Gaza might have the counterproductive effect, as far as Israel is concerned, of restoring the broken ties between Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.  All three, despite the objections from Damascus, sense an opportunity to seize the regional circumstances and renew alliances. According to a Palestinian official based in Lebanon that has taken part in talks to revive ties between Hamas and Hezbollah, this also comes amid the flirtation between Qatar and Iran that may expedite the restoration of an alliance with Hamas, albeit still plagued by a number of problems.    This fits into Daniel 11 because Hamas is improving ties to Iran (the North), rather than Egypt.     In fact, Egypt has tried to get Hamas to sign a ‘seize fire’ but Iran respects their resilience.  *Notice that Qatar is talking to Iran.  Recall that Qatar backs the Muslim Brotherhood, who Saudi Arabia and Egypt hate. (vs. 25) Ayatollah Khamenei calls for armed struggle in West Bank Al Monitor [Independent USA] – July 24, 2014 Quote: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called for a referendum between Israelis and Palestinians to decide the fate of the government that rules over them.  Until such a referendum takes place, he said, the West Bank should be armed like Gaza. “The Zionist regime is a regime that from its illegitimate birth was built on overt violence, and they don’t deny it. It’s built on an iron fist. They say it everywhere; they take pride in it - this is their policy. From 1948, when this fraudulent regime came into existence, for 66 years, the policy of the Zionist regime is this. Of course, before this regime was officially recognized and was imposed on the region by the colonialists, the Zionists committed many crimes in Palestine. "During these 66 years, as a government and a political system, they did whatever they wanted to do. Any violence that was contained in their mind, that one government can do toward a people, they did. "If God willing, it is eradicated, even better, but while this fraudulent regime is there and not eradicated, what’s the cure?  The cure is a strong and armed resistance against this regime. In confronting the Zionist regime, strength needs to be shown from the direction of the Palestinians.    Of course, Gaza is a long way from Jerusalem but if the uprisings can spread to the West Bank, they would be right next door, which is exactly what Iran wants.  Update: During Friday prayers, Iran’s Supreme Leader called for ‘solidarity with the Palestinians’, especially in the West Bank, and ‘demonstrations’ broke out the same day. (below) The ‘uprising’ that ‘sets up the abomination’ will be ‘armed’ but like this one; it will be spontaneous. Evidence in the News: 'Day of Rage' Protests Erupt in Jerusalem and the West Bank NBC News [USA] – July 25, 2014 Quote: Confrontations between Palestinians and police erupted in East Jerusalem's Wadi al-Joz neighborhood after Friday prayers  during a protest to show solidarity with people in the Gaza Strip. It was the first time in almost a decade that the Palestinian Authority gave permission for such a march, making a dramatic shift in relations between President Mahmoud Abbas's government and Israel. The entrance to the Temple Mount and al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem -- which have been flash points in the past -- were being restricted to women, and men aged 50 and over. Israel Radio reported that the demonstrations appeared to be the largest since the end of a 2000-2005 Palestinian uprising, known as the Second Intifada. Violence flared at Kalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem as Israeli security forces clashed with demonstrators trying to march to Jerusalem.  Something to think about:      I find it intriguing that the Supreme Leader mentioned Israel’s age of 66 years (twice).  Of course, I discovered, long ago, that the ‘70th Seven’ or ‘Daniel’s final week’ possibly started with the Arab Spring of 2011. (see “70th Seven” Among other things, the “start” was near the 63rd anniversary of Israel, which meant that Israel would be about “70” at the “end” of the 70th Seven.  By default, that made the “middle” (when the abomination is ‘set up’) land in the Fall of 2014 (when Israel is approximately 66 years - 6 months).  I don’t know if it means anything; I just find it interesting.  I wouldn’t have even said anything except the Supreme Leader of Iran inadvertently called attention to it.  (I notice things.) Iran and Hamas: Exposing Post-Tribulationist’s Deceptions Re-written & updated: 8-31-2014