About the Author Introduction:      If I could get away with saying nothing about myself, I would, because God deserves all the credit.  After all, I couldn’t have discovered anything without Him.  Unfortunately, I have learned from the publishing arena that the qualifications of the author are scrutinized as much as the material written.  However, in spiritual matters, a person’s qualifications cannot easily be measured.  Paul indicated that God chooses common people, like myself, instead of the influential, so that no one can boast. 1 Corinthians 1: 26-29 Paul said, “Brothers, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth.  But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak  things of the world to shame the strong.  God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before him.”      In that sense, I’m a prime candidate because I have no reason to boast; I am the lowly, foolish, and weak to which Paul is referring.  Yet, I can understand why people would want to know an author’s background.  It’s the same as a person giving their testimony when speaking to a group of strangers: to reinforce their message with personal experiences.  In that regard, I have debated with myself, many times, on how much to tell.  I don’t want to call attention to myself but I also don’t want it to be said that I could have done more to convince people and didn’t.  Therefore, I’ve decided to add to my testimony at this time because we are getting closer to the rapture and I think it’s time.  On the other hand, I don’t want to reveal my true name for safety and humility reasons but that should add to my legitimacy, not diminish from it.  Jesus said, “Be careful not to do your 'acts of righteousness' before men, to be seen by them.  If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.” (Matt. 6:1)  Therefore, I am giving more information to convince people but withholding my name for the reward.  I hope it’s the right thing to do because I really don’t know. (verse left)     Daniel 11 - through history (past interpretations are wrong) Phase 2 - Early 30’s      Well, life doesn’t always turn out like we plan so, about 12-years later, I became curious about the demand for teachers and checked some want-ads.  To my surprise, there was an ad for a ‘math and science teacher’ at a Christian school.  I thought that was perfect because they allowed any degree, not just teaching.  I was shocked when I actually got the job, even though I thought it was the fulfilment of that girl’s prophecy.       Years later, I discovered the prophecy to go much deeper than I could ever imagine.       My first year was tough, having no experience and all, but I got through it.  I met a girl and got married, all in my second year, but that turned out negative later.        At the start of my third year, I was assigned to teach 8th grade Bible class. It came as a surprise so I felt a little unprepared but I didn’t object because it was an honor.  I was surprised when there was no book for the class, other than the Bible.  I have to admit, it was rough at first but I got better as I went along.  One interesting thing that happened was when I asked the class what book they wanted to read next.  With instantaneous unison, they all yelled, “Revelation”.  That was not the answer I was expecting but I was committed then.  I was certainly no expert on Revelation but I studied every verse so I could discuss it with them.  We stayed in the New Testament, after that, which they liked much better, and the year was educational for everyone.      After that, the summer of 1996 drastically changed my life.   To tell the truth, I had planned to do yard-work that summer but it rained for about 5 days straight.  That gave me the perfect opportunity to read the Bible, all day long, (while my wife was at work).  My motivation was to do a better job teaching Bible if I got the same opportunity again.  As it turned out, it eventually stopped raining but I never did any yard-work at all.  It’s hard to describe the days I had but I grew closer to God than ever before.       During that time, I remember reading the signs in Matthew 24 and thinking how vague they all were.  One could argue that everything was complete, including the gospel being preached to every nation.  So, I prayed and asked God if those were the closest signs to the rapture.  If so, fine, but if the Bible had any closer indication, please show it to me.  I opened my eyes, looked at the next verse, and knew in my heart that the answer was right in front of me.   Jesus said, “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel - let the reader understand -” (Matthew 24:15)  I had not planned to study end times but I felt it was my duty to investigate to the best of my ability.  Naturally, I started with the “abomination”, from the Book of Daniel, because that’s where Jesus said to look.        Right away, I saw a problem because the NIV study notes indicated that the abomination had already taken place (thousands-of-years ago).  Obviously, that didn’t sound right to me so I began studying Middle Eastern history and current events.  Research was time-consuming because computers had dial-up modems back then.  A few of the verses were obvious to me but others did not fit the history I was reading.  It was frustrating because I could tell that the previous interpretation was wrong but I did not have a complete alternative to give.       I studied as much as I could but the summer was over and my wife did not like my new-found obsession.  I can see now that getting married in my second year of teaching was a big mistake but I didn’t know the future.  I grew closer to God but her jealousy pulled me in two different directions.  I offered to split my time 50/50 (her and God) but she said, “Not good enough.”  I was stunned but split my time anyway.  Jesus said, “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters- yes, even his own life-he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)  I didn’t hate anyone.  In fact, I did my best to please her but if she made me choose, I was going to have to choose God.  That may sound strange, to some, but I knew what I experienced, that summer, and no human was not going to take it away from me.       That tug-o-war went on for years but it came to a cross-roads when I got up one Sunday and went to church without her.  That was unusual for me but I was making a statement.  When I got home, she was sitting there, with a suitcase beside her, crying.  She explained that she was going to leave me but couldn’t because her grandmother had had an alzemers attack, on Saturday night, and was occupying her room.  I was stunned and didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t know if she was going to leave me when her grandmother got better but I was afraid to ask.  That was a long week.  Not to be manipulated, I got up the following Sunday to go without her again.  This time, she stopped me and asked for a ride to the emergency room instead.  Out of the blue, she knew something was wrong.  Indeed there was because she was diagnosed with acute leukemia.  If this was part of Satan’s warfare, he had just stepped it up a notch.       Come to find out, she had never told her parents that she was going to leave so only the two of us knew that, not to mention the underlying cause.  We both tried to pretend that nothing was wrong but the spiritual tug-o-war had not changed.  I couldn’t tell anyone because it sounded like self-pity since she was going through much worse.  I visited as much as I could but it was difficult because I was working extra hours (not teaching anymore).  She had excellent insurance but the regular bills still had to be paid.  In a nut shell, people judged me because they only saw the surface of things and not the spiritual aspect.       Things took a negative turn when I was driving her home from a third stay in the hospital, months later.  She was yelling at me for not visiting as much as her parents did.  Apparently, she was embarrassed for having to make excuses for me but she never told them the real truth.  I just told her that it was harder for me to pray when she just criticized me.  She said, “Your prayers mean nothing!”  That was a dagger to me because prayer was all I had.  After all, I was not a doctor.  The ice never thawed after that and she went home with her parents, after her next release from the hospital.      When she thought she was about well, she filed the papers, divorced me, and got engaged to one of her doctors.  However, she died of liver failure before she could get re-married.  I’m not trying to mar her memory but my years as a teacher were central to my calling.  We were not spiritually equal, when we met, but I married her anyway, for all the wrong reasons.  I don’t know if she was placed there to distract me, test me, or I pulled her in by mistake but she was caught in the warfare and paid the ultimate price.  I know God judges fairly so I hope to see her again in heaven.       Even after years of dealing with that (married to her 6-years total), I still didn’t have a complete solution to Daniel 11 but I had to stop looking and get on with my life.  I was beat down and abandoned by many people, including my best friend.  It was frustrating because I could tell that the old theory was wrong but unless I could explain all the historic verses, which seemed impossible, no one was going to believe me.  I wrote my findings in a short paper but only distributed it to a hand-full of people because I knew it was incomplete.  I thought I let God down because my best wasn’t good enough.  However, I know now, it just wasn’t the right time.   Phase 3 - Late 40’s       As I said, I felt like a huge failure in my 30’s, so the last thing I wanted to do was re-visit the same thing in my 40’s, but God had a different plan.  Advancements with the internet enabled an old friend to look me up, online, whom I hadn’t seen in twelve years. We got together and talked but not about the above incident.  However, a few days later, she e-mailed me and said her daughter wanted to read the “dissertation” I wrote.  I didn’t know what it was called but she was one of the few people I showed it to.  I knew it would take considerable time to update, before I could show it to anyone else, but I told her I would work on it and get back to her.  I had no desire to go down that road again but the fact that a new generation had come of age and was interested in my findings was something I couldn’t ignore.  It didn’t take long to see that the internet had vastly more information to sift through than before but I had made a promise.  When I saw that God was ready to reveal the missing pieces, I was excited and worked feverishly.  To tell the truth, I figured others were discovering the same thing so I put myself in an imaginary race to get the information copyrighted and published, first.  Several months later, I had produced a short book (about 20,000 words) complete with cover.  Ironically, my friend’s daughter never got back to me with any feedback but her initial interest was my inspiration and that’s all it took for God to hook me again.       I had a lot to learn about the publishing world because an unknown author with a “niche” subject was not going to make it into book-stores.  One publisher told me that a book needed to be at least 35,000 words so I did more research and lengthened it.  Yet, at that point, I think it took too long to get to the main subject.  However, it wasn’t a total loss because that’s when I discovered the identity of the beast and Russia’s connection to the ‘iron and clay’.  To make a long story short, after two years of research, writing, editing, and mailing, I was forced to give up on conventional publishing.       I decided to start a website, which I had never done before either, but at least the information would be available.  I bought a program and within a couple of months, I had the information ‘out there’.  Unfortunately, I found that starting a website was just another chapter in the same saga.  Updating and simplifying is a constant challenge.       To my surprise, e-mails focused on the question of ‘pre-trib’ vs. ‘post-trib’ rather than unsealing Daniel 11.  The rapture question was covered in the Seals, which I thought was common knowledge, but apparently not.  As such, the website has evolved into a complete explanation that attempts to correct both sides of the ‘tribulation’ debate because Revelation’s timeline is not that complicated, once the Seals are understood.   Since I launched the website, I must have heard just about every variation of end times, from e-mailers, but I’m convinced that this explanation is the only one that doesn’t contradict Revelation (or the rest of the Bible) because the correct interpretation of the Seals makes all the difference, not to mention that Daniel 11 is actually happening.  Conclusion: (what’s my point?)      As I said, this explanation of end times did not develop overnight, and looking back; strange facts emerged that were neither intentional nor controllable.  That’s why I divided my testimony into 3 phases.  At some point, I realized that my life was essentially divided into three sections of 17-years (last section was extended).  In general, I was saved when I was 17 (see ‘grandmother’ story below for details) and taught school from 30-34 (last year was a climax).  The last section was extended “because the bridegroom was a long time in coming” (Matt 25:5) but it’s close enough.  I wouldn’t have mentioned it except Moses’ life was divided into 3 sections of ‘40-years’ (not that I’m anywhere close to Moses).  Another coincidence is that I was also born when my dad was 30 and he died of cancer when he was 77, similar to Noah’s dad, who died when he was 777.  There are other things but I’d rather stick to Biblical examples.  I know it sounds crazy but how much do we really know about some people in the Bible, besides the brief periods when they accomplished God’s work?      My main accomplishment is the unsealing of Daniel 11, which was the only chapter in the Bible that was ‘sealed until the time of the end’.  If you don’t believe me, just compare my interpretation to others because there have only been two (that I know of) so it’s not hard to decide.  Besides, mine is the only interpretation that is actually taking place in the Middle East so it’s not much of a contest.  I don’t say that to boast but I have to get bold to get anyone’s attention.  Actually, I get ignored anyway so I decided my best option was to follow Biblical examples.  I recalled that Jesus and John the Baptist both quoted from Isaiah when explaining who they were to skeptics. (Luke 4:14-30 & John 1:19-23)  Oddly enough, that was something I could do because, after I realized that I was the only one to discover Daniel 11, this verse took on a whole new light.       Matthew 24:45-46 “Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time?  It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so  when he returns.”      Logically speaking, since the first servant in that verse is singular and obviously lives during ‘end times’ (master returning), and Daniel 11 was ‘sealed until the end’, and yields the signs to watch ‘before the end’, and was ‘unsealed’ by one servant ‘towards the end’, it just makes sense that the two verses are connected and Daniel 11 is the “food” that is  provided at the proper time.  In other words, the first servant, by default, is me because I’m providing the ‘food’.  Before anyone cries ‘blaspheme’, that conclusion is based on two verses and a fact, not personal info.  Yet, the strange coincidences in my own life were needed to convince myself because I didn’t want to admit it for a long time.  It’s not something to be taken lightly because there’s a stiff penalty for non-compliance. (see all) Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to participate but when I was searching for knowledge, I didn’t think about the difficulty of telling others, after I found it.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses, which is why it takes all parts of the body (other ‘servants’).     Plus, the word, ‘who’, was another clue that helped convince me of my involvement.  For the record, I wasn’t trying to be anonymous when I was trying to get a book published.  Yet, it was the attitude of the publishers that made me make the website anonymous (it cost extra for privacy).  It was worth the cost because the central theme of submission forms and rejection letters was that you had to be someone important or have an established following to get a book published.  Well, I wanted to prove that content was more important so I became the opposite of what they wanted: a complete nobody.  It was a random decision at the time but I think Jesus knew it ahead of time.  As a matter of fact, people have already been asking ‘who’ but I’ll stay anonymous because I think it’s what God wants.      When you think about it, this overall situation sounds like the perfect Biblical plan because the ‘servants in the household’ can alert people of the ‘signs’ from Daniel 11 but they can’t boast because they didn’t think of it and I’m anonymous.  Therefore, God gets maximum credit, as He deserves, because He’s the One causing everything to happen, anyway.      To tell the truth, I don’t know what the other servants are supposed to do with the ‘food’, because the Bible doesn’t say, but the unsealing of Daniel 11 is exciting news that has the potential to convince many skeptics that God is real.  Therefore, I don’t think it’s a message that God wants buried underground.  After all, He didn’t reveal it for nothing.  Therefore, don’t be afraid to tell your pastor or other pastors because this explanation of end times is iron-clad.  No one can prove it wrong because it doesn’t contradict the Bible.  If you’re a pastor or teacher, yourself, please tell others because everyone should have the opportunity to make up their own minds.  Besides, there’s a treat for those who are watching when Jesus comes but a person needs the correct signs, in order to watch.  Luke 12:37 “It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. I tell you the truth, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them.”    Partial Testimony (pertinent facts only) Phase 1 - Late Teens      I am currently 55.  I was “really” saved when I was 17.  Prior to that, I attended church with my parents but they only went on Easter and Christmas (starting at age 8-9).  It was different when my grandmother was healthy because she was the real ‘spiritual pillar’ of the family.  Unfortunately, I have limited memories of her because she had to go into a nursing home when I was about 8.  However, my aunt, who is now 84, can tell some amazing stories of her faith during the depression. (click for example)  Everything considered, I’m convinced that my participation in this whole thing was primarily due to my grandmother, Lettie.  [*The ‘main connection’ to her is at the bottom of this page.]      After I was saved, a friend’s mother gave me a New Testament ‘Living’ Bible and I was amazed that I could actually read it.  (In 1981, I was unaware of any versions except KJ.) I fell in love with it and studied diligently.       A year or so later, a girl in youth prophesied that I would be a “teacher”.  It wasn’t the usual encounter that most people think about, when they think of prophecies, but it came true, nonetheless. (click for details)  However, at the time, I didn’t give the prophecy much thought because I had just entered college in a different field.  Written Jan-2014 Revised as noted My message is simple and straight from the Bible: 1st:   The rapture is the sixth seal, not the seventh trumpet, not the seventh bowl, not after the seventh church.  The rapture is the sixth seal because the signs in the sun, moon, and stars in Matthew 24:29, when Jesus appears and the angels gather the elect, are identical to the signs given at the sixth seal.  It’s in the Bible; just look.   That fact cannot be changed.  (But don’t worry; the other 5 seals are done.) 2nd     Next, to find out when the sixth seal takes place, you go back to Matthew 24 and the last sign that Jesus gives is the “abomination that causes desolation”.  Note: The rapture happens very quickly, after the abomination, because Jesus said, “Let no one on his roof go down to take anything out of his house. Let no one in the field go back to get his cloak.”  He said it twice so no one would misunderstand that the rapture happens very quickly.  After all, Judea is not that big and it does not take very long to get to the mountains.  Then, the sixth seal is confirmed as the rapture because people are hiding in the mountains, in Revelation 6:15, who see Jesus, the Lamb, and they are fearful.  Jesus does not ‘touch ground’ during the 6th Seal because it’s the same as the rapture in Matthew 24.  Other events follow in Revelation, which is the ‘tribulation’. 3rd    To find out when the “abomination” occurs (in real time), you must go to the chronological  list of events surrounding the abomination in Daniel 11.  By the way, Daniel 11 was called the “Book of Truth” and was the only chapter in the Bible that was specifically “sealed until the time of the end”. When God decided to “unseal” Daniel 11, it revealed pending verses, before the abomination is set up.  Those verses are happening in the Middle East, right now.  What makes this extraordinary is that it literally proves, to atheists or skeptics, that God really exists (since He predicted everything 2500-years ago). *Daniel 11 also shows that we are heading towards the “abomination”, just like Jesus said we would be.  Revised Dec -2014 My view of salvation? “Salvation to Maturity” (a simple guide) My Grandmother’s Connection to Phase 1:      This is the last personal story that I’ll add to this page.  Yet, since I said my life was divided into three sections of ‘seventeen’, I figured I needed to elaborate on the first.  I’m putting this at the end because I only made this connection within the last few years, while talking to my aunt.  She was just telling me stories about my grandmother and didn’t know that she was revealing anything to me.  I just visited her yesterday to get all the facts straight before I posted this here.  I’ll be as brief as possible.         To make a long story short, my grandmother was bedridden after having a stroke when I was about 8.  On at least two occasions, she slipped into a temporary coma and had to be taken to a nursing home.  While in the comas, she wasn’t swallowing so she had to have her throat suctioned periodically.  My aunt recalls sitting with her, while in that condition, and asking God why she had to suffer like that.  She asked if it wouldn’t be better if He took her ‘home’ rather than have her suffer.  Suddenly, my grandmother regained consciousness and said sternly, “That’s not for you to decide.”  Then, she went back to her comatose state as quickly as she woke.  Years later, when she did pass away, it happened to be on my aunt’s 50th birthday so the timing didn’t seem to be an accident.  When my aunt told me the date, which she obviously knew well, it confirmed that my grandmother had died very near when I was saved, when I was ‘seventeen’.      I was asking about the date because I remember a huge funeral right after I was saved.  I distinctly remember that funeral because that’s where I let my family talk me into a four-year college rather than a two-year trade school.  I remember being newly saved because it contributed to my malleability.  At that moment, I just wanted to please my family but it was a huge mistake because inside; I really wanted to get married.  As such, I got married in my second year of college but the strain of working two jobs and going to school was too much on a marriage.  Thus, my wife left during my junior year and I dropped out for over five years.  I did finish, later, but I never worked in that field of study.  I’m not trying to make excuses; I’m just explaining why I remember that funeral so vividly.        Please don’t think I’m complaining, either, because that ‘mistake’ could have been necessary for me to arrive at this point in my life.  I mean, if I had been successful in my career and marriage, from the start, I would have never become a ‘teacher’, with a Bible class, which led to my study of Daniel 11.  Regardless, I’m convinced that it didn’t happen because of me, it was my grandmother.  Added 5-25-2014 Take it from Moses: Deut 18:21-22     Moses said, “You may say to yourselves, "How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the LORD?"  If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.”      The thing is:  I may only be a ‘servant’ (not a prophet) but my interpretation of Daniel 11 is ‘actually coming true’.  Therefore, draw your own conclusions. 6-16-2014 Daniel 11 Explained  Condensed “one page” Commentary back to Jan -2014 (revised some)     Before I get to my testimony, let me just say that my best qualification is just the common sense to know that no one should change the Bible, period.  In other words, I don’t claim to understand every mystery in the Bible but I don’t make stuff up and re-arrange it when I don’t understand.  I just wait and think about it until a logical answer presents itself, if ever.  After all, it doesn’t do any good to re-arrange the Bible because ‘end times’ are going to happen as the Bible says, not as people think it says.      One of the main differences between my explanation of end times and others is that I focused first and foremost on the ‘abomination that causes desolation’, from the Book of Daniel, because that’s where Jesus said to look. (Matt. 24:15)  The basic timeline of end times is not hard to figure out because three passages in Daniel contain periods of time surrounding the abomination.  When those verses are connected logically, a rigid timeline emerges that cannot be altered without contradicting Daniel. (left)     I guess others didn’t take advantage of this simple fact because previous interpretations of Daniel 11 put the abomination in the past, which contradicts other verses in Daniel, not to mention Matthew 24.  Yet, rather than question that obvious blunder, scholars resorted to arguing about common words instead.  I mean, previous ‘end time’ theories all hinge on a few common words that are matched or not matched, depending on the desired result.  Yet, they all contradict some part of the Bible, so none can be correct because a true timeline wouldn’t contradict anything. (left)     My explanation is completely different because rather than just shuffling words around, I dug into history and uncovered a logical explanation of the Seals that straightens out Revelation’s timeline and even contains two 70-year periods for proof.  Others juggle sections of Revelation with reckless abandonment, to make them match Matthew 24, but that inevitability excludes certain things, which is forbidden by God. (Rev. 22:19) On the other hand, if the Seals are understood properly, nothing is re-arranged or excluded.  Plus, specific details from Revelation are reflected in Matthew 24, so both make sense together.  Besides, doesn’t it make sense to use the more detailed account in Revelation to interpret the less detailed, instead of manipulating and forcing God’s prophecy to fit?      Another difference in my study of end times is that I didn’t ignore the abomination but dug into history and discovered the true explanation of Daniel 11 that put the abomination in the future, where it belongs.  In fact, my timeline of Daniel 11 flows seamlessly into current events and shows that we are headed towards the abomination, just like Jesus said.  We were on verse 22, when I started this website, and now we’re on verse 31 (abomination) so I deserve a little ‘benefit-of-the-doubt’.  After all, Moses said the only way to tell if a message was from God or not was to see if it came true, which my interpretation of Daniel 11 is doing.     I’m not trying to boast or anything because I’m just a small part of God’s overall plan.  That’s why my identity is unimportant. One thing I wanted to illustrate, with my testimony, is that this explanation of end times did not develop overnight.  Daniel 11 was ‘sealed until the time of the end’ so it took advancements in the internet to put the information for Daniel 11 together.  In a way, you could say that it was ‘sealed’ naturally.  To me, that sounds like something God would do because everything was planned ahead of time but Daniel 11 was never meant to be sealed forever.  Personally, I think God wanted everything discovered and recorded correctly, before the rapture, because foretelling the future is one thing that has always distinguished Him from useless idol gods. (Isa. 44:6-8) Therefore, somebody had to discover Daniel 11, sometime, and after realizing that I was the only one to publicize it, many past occurrences in my life seemed to make more sense.  Even though I’m the opposite of what some would expect, isn’t that expected from God?   ‘Matthew 24’ Explained (must match Revelation) The ‘Seals’ Explained (Revelation’s timeline revealed) So simple, I couldn’t possibly be deceiving anyone. click to enlarge Section of timeline based on the ‘abomination’ from Daniel. The Seven Churches Past & Present Church Prophecy  (Rev. 2-3) Humility?    Note: By claiming to be the ‘servant’ in the Bible, I’m essentially giving all the credit, for this website, to God.     Thus, in my opinion, I’m putting less emphasis on myself, not more.    Regardless, I’m just telling the truth.   Jesus said,    “I have come in my Father's name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.  44 How can you believe if you accept praise from one another, yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God?          (John 5: 43-44)   John 5: 43-44  [Jesus said,] “I have come in my Father's name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his  own name, you will accept him 44 How can you believe if you accept praise from one another,  yet make no effort to obtain the praise that comes from the only God?”  I’m just making an effort. I’m not trying to argue with Christians; I’m trying to explain the logical Truth.    Note: It’s always been my objective to present an ‘iron-clad’ explanation of the Bible (supported by real events), so that Christians could disprove ‘science and evolution’.  This page finally does that by using logical scientific facts against the Scientists and atheists because new discoveries violate their own “Laws of Nature” concerning evolution.     It’s educational for all and entertaining (for Christians), hopefully convincing scientists or anyone else on the so-called “fence” to use some ‘common sense’ and believe the Bible    I still want Christians to ‘unite’ and accept the ‘only’ timeline that fits Daniel, Matthew, Revelation, Ezekiel, and all other books of the Bible, including current events in the Middle East. (Atheists can’t argue with real events.)     Christians can use this website as ‘food’ against them, and prove that the Bible is the only ‘logical explanation’ for creation. (Free on PDF) Creation vs. Science  (God Wins!  Game over.) Completed: 11-02-2015 Added: 11-04-2015 “John-the-Baptist” (a personal tribute) Meaning of 666 God’s Timeline of 37’s (antichrist revealed) Why no name? Proof of the Rapture (Simplest explanation yet) Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.  Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. © Copyright 2010 - 2017   All rights reserved. Daniel 11 Explained (condensed ‘one page’ commentary) ‘Matthew 24’ Explained (must match Revelation) The ‘Seals’ Explained (Revelation timeline revealed) Seven Churches Explained (Past & Present Church Prophecy) Note: ‘Sitemap’ shows a complete list of all pages (by category). ‘Homepage’ gives 3 simple steps + timelines + summary. Current Events from Daniel 11 (matching the Middle East) The Abomination (Daniel 11:31) done Recent Events ISIS - Saudi - Turkey (Daniel 11: 24-27) Final Events to the Abomination (Daniel 11: 28-30) Shiites re-take Persia + America’s Role Begins (Daniel 11: 21-23) soon done done Timeline of end times according to Daniel and the abomination Proof of the Rapture (Simplest explanation yet) Why no name? Video: 5-1-2018 End Times Explained (pre-trib rapture explained) 40 minutes