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Exposing Post-Trib Deceptions Introduction     Every few months, I get attacked by post-tribulationists who think they have a different approach or something but they never do.  It all boils down to their interpretation of Revelation, as it relates to Matthew 24.  Some have been arguing with pre-tribulationists for years but they fail to realize that I’m different from others.  My explanation is iron-clad because I explain the Seals differently from everyone else.  It’s just common sense but post-tribulationists ignore my logical explanation, just to argue about common words in Matthew 24, which don’t always mean the same thing, throughout the Bible, anyway.  In other words, their approach is invalid and exhausted.  (This is likely my last major revision on this page so bear with me; I have a lot to say.)     I think it’s ridiculous when someone rejects my perfectly logical explanation of the Seals.  After all, they straighten out Revelation, make it continuous, and even contain prophesies about Israel, which came true during the last 2000-years.  My interpretation even contains its own proof in the form of two 70-year periods: one near the beginning of the 2000-year period, and one near the end.  It also explains how the Seals, in Revelation, fulfilled God’s prophesy to Israel, in Jeremiah.  How much more obvious can it get?      Yet, post-tribulationists (whom I’ve encountered) won’t accept a logical explanation of the Seals because that would mean they would have to admit they were wrong about Revelation. (A person can’t over-lap the Seals and Bowls if the Seals were in the past.)  If they can’t be over-lapped, then their whole theory about everything converging on the 6th Seal and Matthew 24:29-31 being the ‘end’, falls apart.  Yet, in my experience, post-tribulationists would rather ‘be wrong’ than ‘admit they were wrong’.  A Quick Explanation:     In a nutshell, Matthew 24 and Revelation cannot both be kept linear at the same time.  It’s impossible.  Therefore, it’s far more important to keep Revelation as straight as possible because there’s a warning (Rev. 22:18-19).  If God did not want things added or subtracted from His prophesy, then I don’t think He would approve of re-arranging and over-lapping things either.  Yet, that’s exactly what post-tribulationists do.  For example, there are three distinct earthquakes in Revelation but post-tribulationists try to overlap them into one.  [pop-up illustration of earthquakes]     To put it another way, anyone can see that Revelation is more detailed than Matthew 24.  Doesn’t it makes sense to use the ‘more detailed’ to interpret the ‘less detailed’; instead of cramming everything together to fit the ‘limited’ account that Jesus was giving to the disciples?  When you examine both together, it’s obvious that Jesus stopped his narrative in Matthew 24 before getting to the ‘Bowl plagues’ and Armageddon.  However, He did include both groups from Revelation 7, who experience very different paths to heaven, just like He explained in Matthew 24, except more vaguely.      It’s no wonder that people took Matthew 24 to be linear, in past centuries,  when they couldn’t understand Revelation, but that’s no excuse now.  After all, it would have been almost impossible to interpret the Seals correctly before WWII, anyway.  Therefore, a complete timeline of Revelation was not possible until now.  Yet, even though people couldn’t fully understand Revelation, common sense should tell a person that folding and over-lapping ‘God’s prophesy’ was wrong, especially when there’s a warning at the end. (more about the history of pre-tribulation later) the “unpardonable sin”     I’ve been accused of committing ‘blaspheme of the Holy Spirit’, the unpardonable sin, for teaching about the rapture. [sigh]  That just made me ponder more deeply about what the ‘unpardonable sin’ actually is (according to the Bible).  Be careful what you accuse people of because it will eventually come back to you in equal measure.      Looking at the facts, God made it clear that anyone subtracting from His prophesy, in Revelation, would not share in the ‘Tree of Life’ or ‘Holy City’, described in that book. (Rev, 22:19)  In other words, changing God’s prophesy in Revelation must be the ‘unpardonable sin’ because it excludes a person from heaven.  Jesus couldn’t elaborate much in Matthew because Revelation hadn’t been written yet.  He couldn’t very well say, “Leave God’s prophecy alone.”  What prophecy?  When you think about it, Jesus, Himself,  appeared to John and gave him “The Revelation”.  That’s about as close to the Holy Spirit as you can get so changing any part of it would be “blaspheme”, the unpardonable sin.    Matthew 7:22-23 “Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name,  and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?'  23 Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you.  Away from me, you evildoers!'     They almost sound surprised but they shouldn’t be; God’s warning is very clear.  After all, re-arranging God’s prophesy to fit your own ideas and teaching others is the basic definition of a ‘false prophet’.  How can someone who has supposedly read the Bible not know that?     I’m more concerned about the innocent people who are deceived by post-tribulationists, when they don’t tell them that they’re changing Revelation.  Of course, a person should know enough ‘not to be deceived’.  However, false prophets can be very slick and believable (as illustrated by the above verse).  That’s why I’m trying my best to alert people of the deceptive practices of ‘modern’ post-tribulationists.  After all, Jesus said, “If a blind man leads a blind man, they will both fall into a pit.”   I don’t want people to fall into a pit.  deviating from ‘Christ’s foundation’      Paul was clear that he was laying a firm foundation for Christianity but it was okay if others added later, as long as they didn’t add a different foundation. (1Cor. 3:10-15 In my opinion, modern post-tribulationists have laid a different foundation because Jesus specifically said to watch for the ‘abomination that causes desolation’, from the Book of Daniel.  If a person does that and combines the obvious verses in Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation, then a general timeline emerges. (see left)  At the very least, it’s easy to see that everything can’t happen ‘all at the same time’, like they explain.  That’s just crazy. Therefore, since they are forming their own timeline of end times without following Jesus’ advice and teaching it to others, they are forming a false foundation. excluding the ‘Wedding Supper of the Lamb’     Another thing that post-tribs leave out or can’t explain is the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.  Revelation 19 indicates that the Wedding Supper will conclude, in heaven, before Armageddon takes place on earth.  Since post-tribulationists think everything happens at once, they can’t explain when the Wedding Supper takes place and how long it lasts.  It can’t be ‘instantaneous’.  How much fun would that be?  Therefore, the Wedding Supper fits ‘no’ post-trib timeline.  Yet, it’s forbidden to subtract from Revelation.  Hum?  only using one passage     One deception to watch out for is that whenever Post-tribulationists are presented with a question they can’t answer, they will always retreat to Matthew 24 like a security blanket.  That’s all they have: the ‘order’ of Matthew 24, which I’ve proven not to be chronological because it has to match Revelation.  Yet, they run back to that ‘one passage’ and say, “Look, can’t you see, it’s right there?”  Don’t be fooled because someone’s opinion about ‘one passage’ in the Bible doesn’t prove anything.  I actually had one person get so frustrated (after several e-mails) that he demanded that I explain Matthew 24 “without any other book”.  I’m sorry, that’s just not how it works.  In fact, only using one passage and excluding what you can’t explain is just wrong to start with.  they say, “Gimme ‘one verse’.  ‘One verse’ is all I want.”     Post-tribulationists rant and rave about wanting just “one verse” to explain the rapture and tribulation but they ignore the fact that the whole Book of Revelation is proof (when the Seals are understood).  Like I said above, my logical explanation of the Seals literally proves itself with two 70-year periods (near the beginning and end), fills in a 2000-year gap, and elaborates on God’s prophesy to Jeremiah.  Yet, they ignore all that and ask for “one verse”.  How pathetic is that?  Don’t be fooled by their deceptions; only a simple minded person relies on “one verse”.  “pre-trib theory was just started in the 1830’s by ‘one person’     One e-mailer recently told me that ‘pre-tribulation theory’ was first proposed in the 1830’s by ‘one person’. (Then, they accused me of blaspheme but I addressed that above.)  First of all, recent translations of a Byzantine theologian, Ephraem the Syrian, circa 373 AD, have shown that ‘pre-tribulation theory’ was around in the early church, too.  When you think about it, the current books of the Bible weren’t compiled until 330 AD, by the Roman Emperor, Constantine, who built the Byzantine capital of Constantinople.  In that respect, ‘pre-tribulation theory’ was developed very early.  In my opinion, the concept was probably rejected by some Roman Catholic Pope and got lost in the dark ages because ordinary citizens didn’t have assess to the Bible.  Regardless of ‘when’ the concept originated, most of God’s messages, throughout the Bible, came from ‘one person’, anyway.  The Word of God is ‘living and active’.  No one should reject something just because its ‘new’.  Even in the scientific field, the ones who first proposed that the earth was round and revolved around the Sun were labeled as blasphemers but they were right.  I’m not saying that you should believe everything you hear.  The Bible teaches that you should listen to the facts and examine the scriptures, like the Bereans, not be stubborn, blind, and rigid like the Pharisees.  Acts 17:11-13 11 Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the      Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and      examined the Scriptures, every day, to see if what Paul said was true.  12 Many of the Jews believed, as did also a number of prominent      Greek women and many Greek men. 13 When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God       at Berea, they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up.     Some things never change.  There will always be ‘established’ religious groups that not only refuse anything ‘new’, they stir up trouble so others won’t accept it either.  Ignorance loves company.  However, rejecting anything ‘new’, just because it disagrees with ‘church doctrine’, or hurts someone’s ‘pride’, is just like the Pharisees.  That’s not good.  Matthew 5:20  Jesus said, “For I tell you, that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.”   History continued: ‘God’s Timing’     It seems to me that ‘Biblical understanding’ has advanced when more people have had access to the Bible and other information.  For example, Martin Luther published his grievances against the Catholic Church in 1517, after the Gutenberg press was invented in the 1450’s.  The first Gutenberg Bible was printed in Latin but Luther translated it to his native German.  Many other languages followed in the 1530’s, to fuel the protestant reformation.  I guess many Catholics still believe Luther was wrong but if he had not discovered the truth, someone else would, because it was God’s timing.      Likewise, in the 1830’s, someone obviously began to think more about Revelation and proposed a new interpretation.  As it turns out, they chose the wrong spot for the rapture, because they didn’t understand the Seals, but they were a lot closer than anyone else before them.  In my opinion, God releases small amounts of information at a time.  After all, He confused the languages and ‘sealed’ Daniel 11 ‘until the time of the end’.  It’s ridiculous for some to think that nothing ‘new’ could ever be discovered from the Bible, especially concerning ‘Revelation and end times’, as we travel right through it.  Even though they had the Seals wrong in the 1830’s, at least they were trying to understand something.     When you think about it, there are various churches and denominations that are effectively ‘stuck in time’, at various intervals, depending on when they decided to stop accepting any more knowledge from God.  I’ve heard that many Catholics don’t encourage their congregations to read the Bible at home or even bring one to church.  Are they afraid that people will discover ‘grievances’, like Martin Luther, if they dig into God’s Word?  In many ways, the Catholic Church is stuck in the 1500’s.  Others decided to split from the Catholic Church but are stuck between the 16th and 19th centuries because they don’t believe in the rapture.  Others believe in the rapture but are still stuck because they won’t listen to anything new on Revelation.  Hey, God never stopped advancing Biblical knowledge, from century to century, but some churches stopped accepting it. Conclusion     Like the printing press, another advancement in ‘information accessibility’, called the ‘internet’, allowed me to figure out Daniel 11 and the Seals.  It just so happens that the Seals proved ‘pre-tribulation’, once-and-for-all.  Yet, both sides had the Seals wrong so people should set aside their differences and agree for once.  Now, more than ever, all Christians should be thrilled that God is providing ‘signs’ from Daniel 11 that they can actually see on their computer or television set.  I really wish someone would alert the secular media, not for my benefit, but so non-Christians can see this proof and believe.  I think the parable of the ‘ten virgins’ is about ‘new believers’, who see the signs in end times and believe.  Yet, only 50% are sincere enough to wait for Jesus. (Matt. 25:1-13 Yet, the more that hear about the signs, the bigger that 50% will be!  I’m just excited about going to heaven but shouldn’t everyone be?  I mean, even mature Christians should get an added ‘boost in faith’ from seeing the events unfold.  And with ‘faith’, all things are possible.  Therefore, regardless of church affiliation, I hope all Christians will spread this message, before it’s too late, because if I hadn’t figured out Daniel 11 when I did, someone else would have, because it was ‘God’s timing’ ‘Matthew 24’ Explained (must match Revelation) The ‘Seals’ Explained (Revelation’s timeline revealed) Part 2: original material Rev 12 below Post-Tribulation ‘Propaganda’ Movie     I originally made this page because I was disturbed by all the negative you-tube videos by post-tribulationists.  I didn’t go looking but I was uploading a video and couldn’t miss the other titles.  I watched one that was almost 2 hours in length to see what post-tribs were saying.  Yet, I discovered that it’s more about what their not saying.      It was obvious that those post-tribulationists were well funded because their video looked like a professionally edited documentary.  Yet, they spent half their time disproving the ‘old’ pre-tribulation theory, by talking about one word ‘tribulation’. (more on that below)  The rest of the time was spent talking about ‘doom and gloom’ scenarios such as the ‘mark of the beast’, ‘one-world governments’, or WWIII.  Yet, after scaring everyone, they turned and comforted them by saying that the ‘current technological signs’ that they had been discussing were only the tip-of-the-iceberg.  They explained that the worse events were probably ‘decades away’.  That’s quite a tactic: to ‘scare’ people and then ‘comfort’ them so people actually ‘hope’ Jesus’ return is very distant.  Why do that?     First of all, the ‘mark of the beast’ (Rev. 13), is well after the rapture, so watching for that as a sign is no good at all.  Yet, the ‘mark of the beast’ was the only part of Revelation that the movie discussed.  I kept waiting for something about the Seals or Bowls but it never came.  They just swept everything under the rug, near the end, by saying, “the rest of Revelation is just like the first.”  What?  I had to go back several times to check what they said.  I was baffled, at the time, but I learned months later, when I questioned an e-mailer, what they were actually doing.  That’s when I learned how the post-tribulationists fold Revelation over at chapter 12 and over-lap the Seals and Bowls.  They were slick in their deception so I can understand how some people might miss that.      That’s why I always say that a person needs to know enough ‘not to be deceived’.  I mean, it’s okay to be confused about Revelation but it’s another thing to re-arrange God’s prophesy when there’s a warning at the end.  A person has to be remotely familiar with the material to know what someone is leaving out.  The only way to expose them is to ask questions.  If a person is gullible enough to accept post-tribulationists manipulations without asking questions, there’s not much I can do.  Jesus said, “If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matt. 15:14)  Trumpets     I’ve heard two post-trib opinions on what to do with the Trumpets, which are between the Seals and Bowls, but neither held up under questioning.  That’s because the Trumpets can’t start until after the 7th Seal is over (Rev. 8:1-6).  Neither can they over-lap the Bowls because of direct contradictions (1/3 of sea turned to blood vs. all the sea turned to blood).  Obviously, those two things can’t over-lap.       Some try to insinuate that the Trumpets happen almost instantly, which is impossible because the 5th Trumpet takes 5 months, not to mention that the ‘two witnesses’ prophesy in Jerusalem for 1260 days and ascend to heaven in conjunction with the 7th Trumpet.  Since the two witnesses prophesy during the Trumpets, post-tribulationists try to symbolically brush them away using mumbo-jumbo.  However, the identity of the two witnesses seems obvious. (left)  Regardless, the Trumpet plagues can’t happen instantly.      Someone else had a strange theory about the first five Trumpets already taking place but that clearly took things out of order because he said that the 6th seal hadn’t happened yet.  Thus, he clearly contradicted the 7th Seal (above).  No matter how a person tries to twist things, the over-lapping theory falls apart when the Trumpets are considered. My Video (2 parts)     To illustrate the above principle (and dispute the post-trib movie), I made my own video, last fall.  It’s a low budget operation but I think it gets my point across.    Part 1 gives a fast overview of Revelation, chapter-by-chapter.  It may sound like a long time to watch but it’s probably the fastest you’ll ever hear someone teach Revelation, start to finish.    Part 2 discusses the ‘overlapping theory’ that all post-tribulationists use, whether they admit it or not.  I say, ‘sequential’ is just ‘common sense’      The only sensible way to interpret Revelation is to consider the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls, sequentially, as they were written.  That way agrees with Daniel and Matthew and it’s the only way that everything fits together and nothing is left out.  Sure, some events in Revelation 8-13, such as the ‘two witnesses’, ‘rise of the beast’, and ‘Trumpet plagues’ happen at the same time.  That’s evident because the ‘two witnesses’ finish their 1260-days in conjunction with the 7th Trumpet and the ‘beast’ exercises his authority for 42-months (same as 1260-days).  Yet, the Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls, cannot happen at the same time because the Trumpets cannot start until after the 7th Seal is done (Rev. 8: 1-6).  The Bowls cannot start until the ‘mark of the beast’ has been implemented (ch. 13) because the first Bowl mentions it.  By the way, Armageddon is the last Bowl (ch.16).  Common sense says, ‘sequential’ is the only way to go.  My views are explained  thoroughly on two pages.  It’s not that hard to understand.  (One page links to the other.) click to enlarge ‘Section’ of timeline from    Daniel and Revelation Wedding Supper and 2300 days timeline (Daniel & Revelation) click Wedding Supper & 2300 days timeline Conclusion     Bottom line: In order for someone to disprove my Biblical timeline of end times, they would have to disprove my theory of the Seals, which can’t be done.  Frankly, my explanation of the Seals just makes too much sense and two  70-year periods ‘seal the deal’. (pun intended)  But seriously, Jesus specifically directed people to look for the ‘abomination that causes desolation’, during end times, so that’s the only ‘word’ that people should be matching to form a timeline of end times.      My explanation of ‘Biblical end times’ is iron-clad because it combines the ‘abomination’ and ‘signs in the stars’  into the only logical timeline that satisfies Daniel, Matthew, and Revelation, all at the same time.  In other words, the ‘verses’ between the ‘abomination and Armageddon’, in Daniel 11, coincide with the ‘chapters’ between the ‘6th  Seal and Armageddon’, in Revelation, and Matthew 24 ties everything together with the ‘abomination’ and ‘signs in the stars’, which match the 6th Seal.  Honestly, it’s like a rigid triangle, that can’t be explained any other way (except by over-lapping and excluding major parts of Revelation), but that’s forbidden!      To tell the truth, I’m a little suspicious of people who ignore my logical explanations of Daniel and Revelation, and continue twisting God’s prophesy into a far-fetched, doom-and-gloom scenario that only discourages people from believing in the Bible.  I mean, I’m not qualified to judge but what could their motives be in that case?      1 Corinthians 4:5     Paul said, “Judge nothing before the appointed time; wait till the Lord comes.     He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives      of men's hearts.  At that time each will receive his praise from God.” Related Q&A page: Will people be saved after the rapture?  Related Q&A page: Will people be ‘saved’ after the rapture? (Revelation 20) New page: The Trumpets in Revelation (vs. the Rapture) Related page Man of Lawlessness / Son of Perdition (2 Thess. 2: 1-12)   Another way to look at it:    Since I’ve shown that the Seals are in the past and they are the ‘great tribulation’, (because that’s where the multitude comes from), then “after the tribulation” means the same as “after the abomination” because that’s when the rapture takes place, which will end the ‘great tribulation’.                          12-30-2014 Related Material: The Seven Churches Past & Present Church Prophecy (Rev. 2-3) Revelation 12  discussed on a separate page ‘Common words’ that post-tribulationists use ‘out of context’.     Like I said, Post-tribulationists retreat to Matthew 24 whenever I try to bring up Daniel or Revelation so I’ve learned what ‘common words’ they generally fall back to.  the word ‘tribulation’     By far, they like pointing to the word ‘tribulation’ because the KJ version says, “immediately after the tribulation of those days”.  Yet, they compare that to Revelation 7, where the ‘multitude from every nation’ (Christians) ‘come out of the great tribulation’.      First of all, ‘tribulation’ is a common word, in the KJ version, where it’s used 22 times to mean “suffering and distress”.  By no means do all those refer to the same suffering and distress.  After all, a ‘tribulation’ can be any length of time, from mere minutes to thousands of years.  There’s no way to say with any certainty that the common word ‘tribulation’, in Matthew 24, is the same as the ‘great tribulation’, in Revelation 7.      On the contrary, the ‘great tribulation’, in Revelation 7, is referring to the Seals, in Revelation 6, because they span from the ‘resurrection’ to ‘rapture’, which is technically the only time a person can be saved by the ‘blood of the Lamb’, anyway.  I mean, there’s no one ‘saved by the blood’ after the rapture because only the 144,000 Jews, who are ‘sealed’ by God, are saved after the rapture.  The 144,000 must ‘suffer’ for their salvation, so they are not ‘saved by the blood’, which is a ‘gift’.  Anyway, my interpretation of the Seals perfectly matches the ‘great tribulation’ because the multitude comes from there and that’s the only time someone can be ‘washed by the blood’.     Actually, the phrase “immediately after the tribulation”, in Matt. 24:29, is talking about the severe distress caused by the ‘abomination’ in verse 15.  That’s why Jesus said to ‘run for the mountains’ without going back to get anything.  He said it twice to convey a sense of urgency because the rapture was due and there would be a huge earthquake (6th Seal).      Jesus’ advice during the ‘tribulation’ in verses 16-28 is for the 144,000 Jews because they are ‘sealed’ by God, in Revelation 7, but remain on earth during the Trumpet plagues.  A sudden earthquake is about the only logical reason why people would be better off in the mountains with just the clothes on their back.  Christians don’t have to worry about that because they are gathered immediately after the abomination in verse 15 (very fast).  I know that because there are two ‘different’ elects in Matthew 24, same as Revelation 7.  the word ‘elect’     Post-tribulationist’s second favorite word to match, in Matthew 24, is ‘elect’.  Since the word is used three times, they conclude that they must all be the same.  However, ‘elect’ is another common word, meaning “chosen”.  The Book of Revelation shows that there are two groups of ‘chosen ones’: the 144,000 Jews, who are ‘sealed’ but ‘stay on earth’, and the ‘multitude from every nation’ who arrive immediately into heaven (the Christians).  There’s no room for confusion because both groups are in the same chapter and clearly different.  Jesus didn’t elaborate, in Matthew 24, because Revelation would explain later.      Obviously, Matthew and Revelation have to agree so it makes better sense to move three verses (29-31) to show that one elect is ‘gathered’ and the others are ‘left on earth’, just like Revelation 7 explains.  When you think about it, verses 32-51 are not chronological so I don’t know why it’s so important to keep verses 29-31 chronological.  Like I said, Matthew 24 and Revelation can’t both be linear at the same time so it makes better sense to move ‘three verses’ than everything in Revelation.  the word ‘days’     There are some who try to use the word ‘days’ in the phrase “immediately after the tribulation of those days” to suggest that there must be ‘days’ after the abomination.  However, one word in a ‘figure of speech’ doesn’t prove very much.  It would have sounded funny to say “after the tribulation in those minutes”.  Yet, the 7th Seal shows that the Trumpet plagues are delayed only ‘about half an hour’ while God ‘seals’ the 144,000.  The signs in the stars, during the ‘gathering’ in Matthew 24, match the 6th Seal so that must be completed before the 7th Seal ends.  In other words, Christians are in heaven between the 6th and 7th Seals so the ‘gathering’ happens during that half hour.      Frankly, I’m a little suspicious of people who try to insert ‘days’ in that slot because that would give people a false sense of security.  I mean, some might think they could wait until they actually saw the ‘abomination’ to be saved.  That kind of thinking would have people gravely disappointed because in reality; there won’t be much time.  Personally, that sounds like an evil trick to pull on people, which is why I’m suspicious of their motives. the phrase ‘first resurrection’     I heard a new one the other day that someone was using the phrase, “This is the first resurrection.” (Rev. 20:5) to argue against the rapture.  That’s just another example of taking a sentence out of context.  If you look at the whole passage (4-6), it’s easy to see that those ‘resurrected’ are the 144,000 Jews because the same group becomes ‘priests’ for 1000 years.  If that was talking about all Christians, why does it say that they are ‘beheaded’ for not taking the ‘mark of the beast’?  Even in a post-trib scenario, that would not be true of all Christians.  Nor would all Christians become ‘priests’.      Yet, that sounds exactly like the 144,000 Jews because they are depicted as being taken outside the city and slaughtered in Revelation 14, between the Trumpets and Bowls.  Since they are a remnant of God’s holy people, it makes sense for them to become priests, especially since they had to suffer through the Trumpet plagues.  The multitude from every nation, in Revelation 7, doesn’t have to suffer because they worship the Lamb.      Actually, I use the same passage (Rev 20), to illustrate that Christians won’t get a second chance after the rapture.  The passage illustrates that only the 144,000 Jews will get a second chance because they are the ones who are ‘sealed’ in Revelation 7 and get ‘beheaded’ in Revelation 14.  When you think about it, Revelation 20 is just recapping the slaughter of chapter 14 and adding new information about them becoming ‘priests’.   Unfortunately, the Bible doesn’t indicate that any gentiles get a second chance.     The reason that the ‘144,000 Jews’ are considered the ‘first resurrection’ is a little  puzzling, I admit, but it’s certainly no grounds to throw out the whole Book of Revelation.  When you think about it, Jesus should have been the ‘first resurrection’, or perhaps Lazarus or even others, throughout the Bible, who were brought back from the dead.  I guess it depends on God’s definition of a ‘resurrection’.  Either God doesn’t consider the ‘gathering’, in Matthew 24, to be a ‘resurrection’ or He’s just starting after the rapture to distinguish between the ‘second resurrection’, which is the ‘Great White Throne’.  Either way, a person cannot use one sentence to nullify everything else in Revelation.  ‘Propaganda Movie’ (con’t from above)     It’s important for me to finish discussing that post-tribulation movie because Satan’s most effective ‘lies’ have just enough ‘truth’ in them to sound legitimate, but they’re not.  For example, that movie used the fact that the ‘gathering’ in Matthew 24 matches the 6th Seal, which it does.  Yet, post-tribulationists used it as a weapon against pre-tribs who think the rapture occurs after Revelation 3.  In other words, they used the 6th seal as a weapon but never bothered to explain the other Seals.  They just attempted to sweep everything under the carpet by mumbling one sentence: “The rest of Revelation is just like the first.”  They didn’t bother to explain that doosey either but they found 30 minutes or more to criticize pre-tribs.  I’m telling you: it’s a diversion-slight-of-hand trick that uses a little bit of truth (6th Seal) to hide the fact that they’re cramming everything else together.      One reason it’s so important to tell people about their deceptions is because “lukewarm”  Christians, who are “rich and don’t think they need anything from God”, are not likely to change if they think Jesus’ return is ‘decades away’.  The movie even went so far as to say that preaching about the rapture would lead people astray because some would follow a false messiah on earth.  That’s ridiculous because anyone believing in the rapture knows that Jesus appears in the clouds and everyone “meets Him in the air”.  Therefore, anyone on earth, claiming to be a messiah, is automatically eliminated.  There’s absolutely no danger of believing in the rapture.  On the contrary, post-tribulationists are extremely dangerous because they breed ‘complacency’ and that could get those “lukewarm” Christians “spit out of God’s mouth” if they don’t change soon. (Revelation 3:15-17 some say, “No one can tell when Jesus is coming.”     On the contrary, Paul said, “But you, brothers, are not in darkness that this day should surprise you like a thief.”  God has graciously provided proof in the last days, from Daniel 11, so people can actually watch the signs that lead to the abomination, just like Jesus said.  The verses in Daniel 11 literally prove that God is controlling the Middle East.  Thus, they literally prove that God exists!  I believe that’s God’s generous way of providing proof in the last days so ‘His house to be full’. (Luke 14:16-23)  I also think God wanted His Book of Truth ‘interpreted’ and ‘recorded’, before it came true,  because ‘forecasting the future’ has always been one of His ‘trademarks’. (Isaiah 44:6-7 Bottom line: if God is giving this generation particular ‘signs’ that lead to the ‘abomination’, it has to be for a good reason.  Plus, there has to be specific signs that point to Jesus’ return, such as Daniel 11, because there’s added incentive for those who are watching.   Luke 12:37 “It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching  when he comes. I tell you the truth, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them.”            Note: 11-4-2015   It was never my desire to argue with other Christians but post-tribs attacked me, apparently before reading, and then wouldn’t listen to any sound reasoning.   At least, that’s my experience.  Some just faded away but others never quit so I had to cut them off.  Yet, none have ever admitted that they even might be wrong, which makes me question their motives.  Anyway, my purpose, all along, was to give Christians an ‘iron-clad’ explanation of the Bible (with no contradictions), supported by current events, so atheists and scientist wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, which I’ve done by explaining Daniel 11 and the Seals.  Now, I finally found the time and inspiration to argue with the real enemy: the followers of Satan.  “Creation vs, Science”      God Wins!  Game over.       (completed 11-02-2015)  I still hope Christians can ‘unite’ and agree on a Biblical timeline so they can focus on the real enemy, too. Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society.  Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House. © Copyright 2010 - 2015   All rights reserved. Daniel 11 Explained (condensed ‘one page’ commentary) ‘Matthew 24’ Explained (must match Revelation) The ‘Seals’ Explained (Revelation timeline revealed) Seven Churches Explained (Past & Present Church Prophecy) Note: ‘Sitemap’ shows a complete list of all pages (by category). ‘Homepage’ gives 3 simple steps + timelines + summary. Proof of the Rapture (Simplest explanation yet) Current Events from Daniel 11 (matching the Middle East) The Abomination (Daniel 11:31) done Recent Events ISIS - Saudi - Turkey (Daniel 11: 24-27) Final Events to the Abomination (Daniel 11: 28-30) Shiites re-take Persia + America’s Role Begins (Daniel 11: 21-23) soon done done Timeline of end times according to Daniel and the abomination Video: End Times Explained (pre-trib rapture explained) 40 minutes
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